November 29, 2013

Wow, to think that November is just about over and only one month left in this year. It has really been an eventful year and it went so fast. The solidly good news is that Jason is doing so much better and his wounds are so much more close to being closed, and it looks like it is only a matter of time before they do finally close all the way. There are still other challenges that we need to deal with, and he has some heavy decisions that need to be made, and soon, though everything seems to be going in a positive direction.

We got up early this morning and the "we" I'm referring to is me and the two girls. Linda wasn't ready to get up just yet, so I went down to play with the girls, mostly to let her get a little more sleep. She doesn't get the opportunity as often as I do, to sleep in, so I thought I'd try to help her out a little. She got up about an hour later and then shortly after that I went for another short (11.5miles) bike ride. When I left the house it was cool outside, and there were clouds, though it was dry on the streets. About at the halfway point it started to rain, and the irony didn't fail to hit me. It didn't matter if I'd turned around or just completed the ride, it was going to be about the same length. For that reason I just continued along the harbor, where I was at the time. When I did get back to the house I was both wet and sweaty, and Stacy made a point of telling me, pretty clearly, that I needed to take a shower. I told her I would after I cooled down.

We all took off for Target (all except Jason, he wanted to just stay down today), to see if we could find Jackie a new pair of shoes. When we got there we found that there were only a couple of shoes left, that were in her size (children's 9), and we didn't like either of them. Stacy wanted to know if we were going to be buying her shoes also, but then when we looked, there was only one for her. Anyway, we walked out of the store with no shoes.

The rest of the day was spent tidying up around the house and getting ready for David and his family to come over. They were coming at about 17:00 (5pm), or maybe a little later, and as it turned out they were only a little later. I had fixed a nice salmon dinner with rice and vegetables, and Miriam (David's wife) brought the desert. It was the first time to have all four kids at the house, at the same time, and it was crazy fun. Dylan, the older one and Stacy were having a great time. Stacy wanted to show him everything. Jackie wanted to get involved as well, but she doesn't quite have the skills just yet. Ethan, the youngest was happy walking around pointing at different things and announcing what they were (he's 18 months). Dinner went over well, with even the kids eating most of what was on their plates, and it was fun catching up with David and Miriam. They finally had to leave, as it was past the boys' bed time, and about time for the girls to go to bed as well. They are going to be down here for a couple of days, so we'll see them again in the morning, at about 07:30 - I'll be fixing breakfast.

Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. What comfort to know that God is our refuge, no matter what we have to go through in life! Praying!
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