November 5, 2013- Driving

A normal day for the Ross household, down here in San Diego. The girls got up this morning, all full of energy and happy, and both Jason and I up early. It was nice that we didn't have any pressing appointments that required us to push the girls, and it was generally relaxed and just kind of nice. Of course, after dropping the girls off, that all changed. We were supposed to be heading out to an important appointment, right after dropping Jackie off, and then Jason said, "Do you have the address?"

Of course, I did not. I looked on my GPS and found what I thought was the address, and Jason wasn't comfortable with that. He wanted to get back home and find the correct address. We did get back home and he went in to the house to look for the address. I asked him if he would rather I go find it and he said no, and that he thought he knew where the address was. As he began looking they called him and then he had the address. He also let them know he was going to be a little late, as we used up all of our "spare" time. As we drove to the appointment we couldn't help but notice traffic, as it seemed that all the crazies decided to get out on the road just then. Then, as we arrived at the location I made the comment that we should have just gone with the address I had originally said to use, that was in the GPS already. It wasn't exactly where we wanted to go, but it was right next door - live and learn...

Anyway, even though we arrived a little late they were still happy to see Jason and at that point all the anxiety simply went away. Jason was getting ready to go for his driving lesson, in their van. It was very similar to the van we are using right now, so that made the transition very easy. We worked with Laura again, the same lady we had met last time we were there and again, that made it a little easier; and finally there was Joan (I think), the actually instructor. She was great working with Jason. Even though she was probably about as old as I am, she still had a great deal of energy, and I think that actually helped to make Jason feel more comfortable. Then the best part happened when she said, "You can come too." speaking to me. I asked Jason if he minded and when he said no, I didn't wait for anyone to change their mind. I was probably more excited than Jason at that point.

Jason made the drive and training, as though he had been doing it for years, and both of the ladies we were working with, very impressed. When the drive was over Laura said she had to write up a report and indicated that it was going to be one of the shortest reports she has ever written. When the "student" needs extra help or has problems/challenges her reports can become quite long. Jason drove for just over an hour on city streets and also on freeways. He had no problems using the hand controls and made the turns very fluidly. About the only one who was nervous was Gracie, as she isn't used to riding without Jason right there, next to her. I did my best to keep her calm, and she finally did just lay down.

They told Jason that he could come back for another lesson, if he wanted to, but that he did so well that they didn't see any reason he would not be approved. They will be writing up a report that should identify the special equipment he will be needing, and then that goes to the doctor who writes up a prescription, just like he would have to get meds. Then he orders his vehicle and in a matter of time it shows up. I am so happy about this, and look forward to seeing Jason regain a little more freedom. It is actually going to seem strange, I think, when I end up with a little more free time. I'll have to figure out something to do...Not a problem.

The rest of the day was again spent here at the house, and again the girls were running around all over the house, as happy as can be. Tomorrow we drop them back off at their schools and then we don't see them again for several days. In the mean time we will see Linda, tomorrow; we will get a chance to go to the Marine Ball; and, we will be heading off to Las Vegas for a few days for some R&R. I will still do my best to keep the blog updated, though I am going to be playing that by ear. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay seems to be working for us.


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