November 24, 2013

Not much to report about today. Jason and I stayed home most of the day, and I worked on the garage (getting it organized a bit). Jason did go for a hair cut this morning, and other than that we didn't go anywhere. That's okay, tomorrow is going to be a good day, as the girls will be coming at 07:30 (maybe sooner), and then a little later Linda will be flying in and spending the week with us so it is going to be a very good week. One of the things we want to get done is to return some of the furniture we have, that we no longer need. The crib, for instance. Jackie is in a regular bed now and we simply don't have a need, or the space to keep it. Jason said he would be contacting some people tomorrow, and so will I. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Have a wonderful week with Linda there!
    Also wishing all of you a most blessed Thanksgiving!
    Mary Ann Jones


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