November 25, 2014

To be honest, I didn't know if I would be able to get to this post tonight, as I wanted to catch up on my two days of emails first. Fortunately, a bunch of them were just advertisements, so I was able to get through them much faster than I thought I would, so now on to the blog and to let you all know where we were, and what we were doing.

Jason and I were invited to participate in the Gary Sinise Foundation Golf Tournament, at the Porter Valley Country Club, in Northridge. We went up a couple of days ago, with Linda and the girls, and had a great time. Jason and I were honored to have been placed to play with the foursome, including Gary Sinise, himself, as well as Billy Wagasi, a Navy Seal who is also connected with the foundation. The course was laid out nicely, and by that I mean not too many challenging hills, though there were some. Jason was able to get around in his paramobile and he was able to stay out for a full 9-holes. The previous times we have gone out he wasn't able to get out past the 8th hole. We got in 9-holes and then we had lunch. Gary and Billy continued on and I got Jason back to the hotel to lay down for a little while. Afterward there was a dinner and gathering, where they awarded prizes and did some recognition, including a chance for Jason to address everyone (they gave him the mic and he did a great job), there was also an auction, and I guess it went pretty well.  We drove back home today, and the drive/ride was much better than the one going up.

Going up to Northridge was fine, until we got to San Juan Capistrano. That is where there was some sort of residual affect of a couple of traffic accidents. The 2 1/2 hour drive turned into almost 5 hours and by the time we pulled into the hotel (we stayed at the Raddison), Jason was feeling pretty worn out. Fortunately it was still early enough in the evening that he was able to get some rest, and we were able to get to the event in the morning.

One of the nice things about this trip was that it allowed us to travel as a family in the new van that the Gary Sinise Foundation, along with the Wounded Warrior Family Support Foundation, made possible. It is a full sized van and we were able to hook up a trailer so that we could bring his paramobile along with us, and the entire family was comfortable in the van, even with the luggage. I think even Gracie was happier with this van, though she really doesn't like riding in vehicles much, so "happier" may not be the way she would describe it. Speaking of Gracie, Jason let her run a couple of times, while out on the course, when he saw there were no other golfers (or anybody else) around. I would get ahead of him, 30 ror 40 meters and she would run to me and then turn back and run to him. She was very excited about that and she seemed to want to run all the time, once Jason allowed her to do it.

We are now back home for a day, and then we're going back up to be with our son David, and his family. This time we don't have the girls with us, and we won't be pulling a trailer. He has invited us to Thanksgiving, and we're looking at a great couple of days to spend with them. Stacy has asked a couple of times when she will be able to go up and see her cousins, and that means we will just need to plan a trip early next year. I will be posting some pictures tomorrow, or for those that can find me on Face Book, you can see some there. I didn't take any of those pictures, but they do include us. Thank you for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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