December 16, 2011

Today was a particularly good day for Jason, in that his wounds looked better than they have ever looked; he had a shower, and in the process of the shower he said he was able to move in ways that used to hurt and now don't; we were given the news that were were going to be moving out of the hospital on Wednesday (next week), and Jason signed documents giving him "ownership" of the property. No new visitors today, just a bunch of folks that are part of the different volunteer organizations, supporting the Wounded Warriors. They generally brought small gifts or cookies, and overall it was a very good day for Jason. And... on top of that he was pretty happy with the meals that were coming out of the galley today - all of them.

Jason had OT this morning, where he went down to the C5 gym, in the other building. He was there for about an hour, and had a good work out, though it wasn't to the same level as he usually gets working with Lynn. She was off today, so he got to take it a little easier than usual. There was no PT, as that was scheduled a little later in the day, and the housing lady came by, Nancy, and she went over a stack of papers that Jason had to sign, in order to get the house. Nancy also stated that she would continue to look for a four bedroom unit that was ADA compliant.

Tomorrow Jason will be getting out for a short excursion with me - he wants to go do some Christmas shopping, and I think it will help to make him feel a little more normal. He is also going to be visiting with some of the other patients, to help do some morale boosting, and then finally, tomorrow night we will be going to a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament. A Lt. Commander is coordinating this with all the patients who can go, and Jason wants to go... therefore, I'm going... ;-) I will be driving my van, and taking Jason, and also possibly a couple of other folks, but I'll find out about that tomorrow.

Thank you, for all your prayers and support, and please keep Bridgette and Linda in your hearts and prayers as they get closer to being here also.


  1. Had a wonderful evening with your daughters and mom Jason! Hi George! We enjoyed having them to our family Christmas get together. You are all family to us! Keeping you in our thoughts always and so glad for all of the great news with your progress and moving into a home with your family. What a wonderful Christmas present! Happiest of Holidays to you all! Karen W.

  2. Wow! Congratulions, Jason, on the house and getting to be released next Wednesday. Also congratulions on the wound healing getting better and better. What an amazing Christmas gift that will soon include your family. And thank God for your dad and mom being so supportive, each in their own way. Blessings to you: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Peace, Bill Buchanan


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