December 30, 2011

Just got Jason to bed, and he is doing okay. You can tell that the split from Bridgette is taking a bit of a toll on him, and on me actually. The good thing though is that we were able to talk about it for a little while, and I think it did him some good (me too). We took care of some personal things today, and generally had a busy day. A big portion of being busy was the fact that we had both Stacy and Jackie with us, so it was a little bit of extra work. The good part of that was that they were both tired by the evening today, and went to bed with little effort, and should sleep pretty soundly.

I think this weekend is going to be a little more relaxing, as we don't have to be anywhere, or do much of anything, other than possibly go do some grocery shopping. We have some laundry to do, but that is just a matter of sorting, washing and then folding later. We might go for a nice walk around the neighborhood, as we haven't done that yet. It will be good to get out of the house to do something relaxing for a change.

Not much else to write about today, I think I'll be fixing oatmeal tomorrow, with raisins of course. We don't plan on doing much celebrating, and will probably be in bed by this time tomorrow. We don't have a television so we can't even watch the Rose Parade or any of the bowl games (that will be strange for me). I really haven't missed the TV until now, oh well.

Thank you, all, for continuing to support Jason and his recovery, please continue to pray for strength and healing, and healing in more ways than just physical.


  1. Praying for healing for all. You are not alone.

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Hi Jason and George, wishing you both a early Happy New Year. Sending well wishes for you from across the country. Peace!

    Katie a Marine Mom

  3. Continued prayers for God's grace to heal all and to reveal his plan for Jason. Surrounding all of you in love, hugs, strength and prayers always.


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