December 26, 2011

We drove up to see David, Miriam and Dylan today, well that is, me, Linda, Jason, Stacy and Jackie. This was the first time for Jason to be visiting with his brother, at his home in Los Angeles, and as such the first time for the girls. David is in heavy trial prep mode right now (he's a lawyer) so he didn't get to visit as much as he would have liked to, but we did have a couple of hours with him. The rest of the time was spent with Miriam and Dylan, and that was wonderful in itself. On top of that, Miriam's mom, Bonnie; her sister Julia; and her brother Saul were also there, and we hadn't seen them in over a year. Unfortunately Julia and Saul didn't stay long, though Saul came back later - Julia had to catch a plane to fly back to New York City.

The kids all played together very well, with Dylan being a very gracious host. Dylan has some great toys he was happy to share, and the way David and Miriam have arranged the house it gave them all, all the room they wanted to play, and generally stay inside, though the weather was wonderful and the kids did get to go out on the patio for a little while. The great thing was that they expended all this energy, so they're sleeping really well right now. I hope Jason gets a good nights sleep as well, as we have a busy day tomorrow, and it is going to start kind of early.

The drive up was just the way I like them to be - uneventful, and the drive back down was just the same way. One really cool aspect of the trip was that it didn't mess with Jason's medicine schedule, and that is a good thing. The only real downer is that Linda did not come back down with us, and stayed up with David and his family. She will be there for a few days and then head on back to Livermore, to take care of her business, and our house.

We have some bumpy roads ahead of us right now, emotionally (and I won't say anything more than that for now), so I would ask that you pray for strength for everyone, and God's guidance in helping to get through this. Thank you, for all that you have done, and please continue to send us your support.


  1. Praying for whatever your needs are right now.
    Paula Gentile, friend of Carol and Tom Hall, from Pasadena, Maryland

  2. Sending you prayers for continued strength and armor of God to protect every aspect of your life. May the New Year bring more blessings than you can count. Chin up, dear friends.

  3. Love, hugs, and prayers headed your way from the Roberts family in Tennessee.


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