December 8, 2011

Jason's days remaining in the hospital are coming to an end, or at least that is what I think I am seeing. His wounds are doing what we want them to do, for the most part, and he is gaining ability to move around more, on a more regular and smooth manner. I was talking with a couple of the medical staff (independently), and they both said that it is probably better for Jason to now be out of the hospital, than for him to be in the hospital. Their rational for this is that many of the people who are in the hospital are there because they are sick, and there are all kinds of "bugs" and things that can cause Jason to get sick; so, why expose him to those dangers? I think it is simply time to get out of the hospital, and Jason is just tired of being there, and I can't blame him. As we do get close to a final date, I'll let you all know, and for now, just know that we are targeting to be out, and in his own home, before the Christmas holidays - though some would argue that the holidays are already here... ;-)

Jason had his PT and OT sessions today, and there was a special luncheon that we did get to go to (the food was good and plentiful). But those aren't the big things for today. We headed out to check out that one possible house, and we wanted to get a chance to get inside, so I contacted a few people who were supposed to make the arrangements for us to get inside, and nothing was done. Jason and I showed up at the house - no one there. We went to the office - they had no idea of what we were talking about. Apparently it was a comedy of errors, so to speak, in that phone calls were made but the right people didn't get a chance to connect, and we didn't get a chance to see the interior. We'll try again tomorrow.

Once we were done with all the running around both Jason and I were both tired. We got up to his room and we both laid down. He was in his bed and I was on the couch. I didn't intend to take a nap, but once sitting down I realized how tired I was and just laid down for about 30 minutes. I felt much better afterward and the funny thing is that Jason woke about the same time I did. I told him I needed to get the laundry done, and would be taking off early today. He was okay with that, as he was tired still, and just wanted to rest.

Thanks, for all the prayers and continued support, we're getting closer...


  1. Praying for continued healing and a dwelling! I wish we could all be there to salute (the right way :-) when he is released from hospital, applaud, and whooo hooot !! Well, virtually you KNOW we will be doing all of that. I am so happy and proud of your son. I feel very close to all ya'll because of this journey and the praying for him and his family (including you). I look forward to the day he gets to get out of there and get to a new dwelling and on to the next phase of his rehab. SO VERY EXCITING!! What a great Christmas Season this is. God is so, so, good and works in such mysterious ways at times.

    Merry Christmas,
    Karen and Rob Weaver
    Livermore Friends
    Still Praying

  2. Wonderful news that you're talking about getting outta there!
    Know that I'm praying!
    Psalms 27:13-14: I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  3. Praying for continued healing and all your needs. May God shine upon you!
    Paula Gentile, friend of Carol and Tom Hall,
    from Pasdadena, Maryland

  4. Hey Guys - this is really amazing news that the reality of getting out of the hospital soon is unfolding. Makes my heart feel good to read of your continued uplifting spirits and strength in doing the PT & OT every day.

    Katie a Marine Mom


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