December 2, 2011

Jason had a rough day today, though it was supposed to be a nice and easy kind of day. It was to start off with a shower, so that means all the existing dressings were to be removed, and I did that. It was followed by a shower, and the OT person (it wasn't Lynn this time) was there to help anyway she could. Actually I did most of the work with Jason for a couple of reasons. 1) I already know what to do and Jason is comfortable with my efforts; and, 2) Jason didn't know who this "new" person was and really wasn't all that comfortable getting naked in front of her (he's still not that comfortable in front of Lynn either). Anyway, Jason got in to the shower and aside from me handing him a couple of things he did most of the work by himself. His shower was uneventful, and if felt good, or at least he said it did. He got back in to his chair and we went back to the main part of his room to get on to the prone cart (this is where the skin treatment is to be done). This is where things got a little off kilter.

A few days ago, while talking to the wound care nurse, I asked if they were going to be putting on A-cell treatment, and she said they intend to use Durmalayer (its important to know this). While on the prone cart Jason asked what we were waiting for and the wound care nurse said the doctor wanted to come in and check the wounds, before they were covered. We all thought this was a good idea, so we waited. The doctor got there and examined Jason and his wounds, and said, "We need to use A-cells treatment." The wound care nurse just looked at me and I didn't say anything. Well this change caused a bit of a delay, for some reason, and Jason had to just lay on the cart for an hour. It took them that long to get the correct materials. The prone cart is not the most comfortable thing to lay on, so Jason had to keep adjusting himself and was quite happy when all the right materials came in. The process of putting on the A-cell took about another 20 minutes, and then we had to put on the rest of the dressing pads and his shorts. Finally, he was able to get back in bed, and he felt very tired. He had started this effort about three hours ago, and needless to say, Jason just wanted to sleep now, so we let him rest.

Originally we were going to be going to the cell phone store and the bank, and then possibly anything else Jason might want to do. Now that he was tired that wasn't gong to happen. Rob and Karen are still visiting, so they patiently waited while all this effort was going on, then I told them there was a slight change in plans. They were fine with the change, but I was a little embarrassed. We will still be going out to hit the cell phone store and a bank tomorrow, and also go find a possible house for Jason and the family, so no real loss, and Rob and Karen will be able to go along with us. We might even be able to get a lunch in there. The rest of this evening was spent visiting with Jason and calling Mom on the phone. Linda is going to be headed out to Jacksonville tomorrow, with our friend Chris, to pick up the granddaughters. We're all very excited about it. We also made sure we were able to sample some of the cookies that Karen and Rob brought. I left a tin of the chocolate-chip with Jason before I left this evening. Today started rough but ended with a cookie - I guess that's not too bad.

Thank you , for all your continued support and all your prayers. We're getting closer every day.


  1. Hello my name is David pond. I was deployed with your son and was just wondering how is overall spirits are doing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Not a day goes where I have not prayed for him. If you would be willing to reply I would appreciate it.

  2. Carrie & Scott Owen (Round Rock, TX)December 3, 2011 at 3:21 AM

    Our family has been "following" your blog for awhile. Our families don't know each other personally, we can definitely relate . My hubby Scott is a vet from OIF (Army, 2007) I remember those long days at first, only ours were at WRAMC and then in San Antonio for his rehab. It was a few years ago but it seems like yesterday sometimes. Rehab takes time, determination & hard work. Keep your chin up, stay strong & pushing forward -- all that hard work will all pay off down the road.

    When I read that you guys are looking for a house, have you thought about having one of the organizations build one? When you have a free minute, check out:

    Homes for Our Troops, they are an honest organization dedicated to helping our nation's wounded troops. Just a thought :)

    My apologies for the small novel. Thank you for your service & sacrifice for our country. You & yours are in our thoughts and prayers. From one military family to another, love y'all & take care.

    Carrie & Scott Owen (Round Rock, Texas)

  3. So excited for Linda to get back here with the girls. Taylor is hopeful for a playdate with them. He was thrilled to share his pack 'n play too. It's wonderful to hear your updates and I always show Taylor when you download new pictures. He misses Mr. Ross =) Prayers abound for you all as you search for the perfect home in SD. Merry Christmas to you all!
    Christina & Taylor


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