December 19, 2011 - the real 19th this time...

Apologies to all those who wait up for my posting, as it is getting late and I am just now getting started. Jason and I stayed for Monday Night Football (Niners and Steelers) and that game was delayed by over half an hour with the two power outages. I was happy with the results of the game, GO NINERS! Jason will be happy about it too, once he wakes up and finds out about the score - yeah, he fell asleep during the half time break, and just slept through the rest of the game. I didn't want to wake him because he had had a pretty busy day.

It started with getting ready for PT/OT, and I mean that honestly. We weren't sure what he was going to be doing, and it turned out to be PT. He had a great workout, and got all sweaty, just the way he wants to be before a dressing change and shower. It was probably the best and easiest shower and dressing change that he has had so far. Jason was able to move better than he has in the past, and he said he was more comfortable than he has been in the past. When we did the dressing change the wounds all looked like they were really beginning to close up, and that was a great sight for me. Wednesday will be the final shower and change in the hospital, and I will be working with him in the future to do it in his house. That is of course as long as he is comfortable with it, and there are no problems. They'll be sending supplies to his house, along with all the other things we'll be taking.

I went over to his new place and picked up the key today. Now that I have the key, and have a schedule for all the furniture, I'm beginning to believe that it really is going to be happening. I still need to get him over to the housing office for his orientation, and that will be taking place tomorrow, late morning. There is going to be food brought in as well, so if he wants to have a Christmas dinner he should be able to.

Not much else to report on today, so I'll sign off now, and thank you all, for all the support and prayers still coming our way. Please keep Bridgette especially in mind, as she drives across the country to get here.


  1. Praying for a safe journey for Bridgette! Drive carefully.

    Go Niners!

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Hello Dear Friends! How wonderful - a home for Christmas! Please let Bridgette know we are sending her & the little ones travel mercies! May your day be filled will joyous surprises and continued gains!
    <3 your Friends at Diamond Learning Center

  3. Wonderful!! We cannot wait to hear all are officially moved in and Bridgette, Linda, Stacey, and Jackie have arrived.

    I know I could not have imagined this just 3 months ago when I stumbled upon the blog and went back to the beginning to read every entry.

    It is a blessing. God is with all of you and will carry all through the journey forward, but first A Merry Christmas!!


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