March 19, 2015

Another exciting day, and also a busy one. We got the girls off to school with a little time to spare, and then came home and had breakfast. Frequently we end up having breakfast after the girls have been taken to school, as there just isn't enough time to sit down and eat breakfast with them. Once we had our breakfast eaten I went and spoke with Jason about Linda and I going up to Fallbrook, to check on the house - this was also a final check to see if he might want to go with us. As it turned out he did want to go; we just needed to get his truck over to the Ability Center for another adjustment on the lift, and then we could just leave from there... and that's what we did.

The drive up to the property was uneventful, and I guess that's the way we generally like it to happen. I have posted some of the pictures from this visit, so you can see that there has been some progress, as well, we enjoyed the chance to speak with the builder about some of the details of what was going on with the house. As it turned out it is a good thing that Jason came with us. A big issue came up with his shower, and some of the adjustments that were needed. As most of you are aware, Jason just doesn't fit in to most of the categories of what wounded guys are like, and their lay out of the shower would have been a challenge for him. Mike, the builder, asked a few questions and as a result there were some items moved. We got to walk the entire house and are now looking forward to next week, when we get to walk it again, with a few more things done, as well as with the cabinet people, and the electrician.

After the site visit, we went to lunch, in beautiful "downtown" Fallbrook, and ate at a Chinese Restaurant. The food was really good and the price was okay. The owner was this very nice lady who also owns a German Shepard and she came over to talk with us about Gracie and tell us about her dog. It was nice and comforting to know that we haven't met an unpleasant person yet, in the area. The drive home was quick and we stopped by the Ability Center, hoping to pick up the truck, but unfortunately it wasn't ready. Terry, the General Manager, said they will be bringing it to us once he has it ready to go, probably tomorrow afternoon. We then drove the rest of the way home and shortly after Linda and I went over to pick up the girls, from school.

The rest of the evening was quiet and dinner was easy. The girls spent some time with Jason, as he read to them and also watched some cartoons with them. Linda and I put them to bed, and then we just kicked back and relaxed. Now I am finishing my blog, and then we'll get to bed. Thank you, for the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. (As an aside: Linda took all the pictures)

Jason working with Mike and TJ

Jason and George Looking at a section of the house

TJ holding the drawings while Mike checks a door with George

Looking into the Great Room

Jason, George, TJ and Mike discussing an option

North end of the house

Back of the house


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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