March 6, 2015

Any time we get to do a bunch of different things as a family it is a great day, and today was a great day. We began with a nice early arrival of the girls, at about 08:30, and so after we finished breakfast the girls and I decided we were going to go for a nice walk. I'll back up just a bit here ... the reason the girls were with us on a Friday, and not in school, is that there was no school today, so it was more like a Saturday for us, than a Friday. Anyway, the three of us took off for a walk around the "block." I really didn't know quite where we were going to go, just that we would walk around for a bit and then head back to the house. I let the girls make some of the decisions along the way, so that it felt like they were in charge for part of the walk. We had a great time and got back to the house at the right time - so we could go do our next thing.

Jason's truck needed to have some warranty work done, he needs to take it in every 3 months to keep it working properly and to maintain the warranty. On top of that, with the new chair, the lift mechanism doesn't seem to have the right settings to get it up in the cab of the truck. As a result he is still using the older chair when he goes anywhere. There were a couple of other issues that needed to get taken care of so it was a good time to get the truck in. My guess is that it will be staying with them for about a week, then we go pick it back up. When we went today, everybody went - Linda and the girls, along with Jason and I ... and of course Gracie. We were done in less than an hour at the Ability Center and then all loaded back into the van, and headed back home.

Once we were home it was getting close to lunch and nap time, so the lunches were made and then the girls were taking a "brain rest." We wanted to get up to the property by 16:00 (4pm) and wanted to be sure they were well rested. Actually, I took a little nap too, and Linda took off to take care of a couple of little errands she wanted to get done.

The girls were back up and we were all headed up to the property. The van is running well and we all fit comfortably, so it was a nice fun family time for all of us. The progress on the house is very good, and they are about 1/3 of the way through with the framing work. This gave us a chance to get a better idea of what some of the rooms of the house are going to look like, and how the spacial aspect is going to be. The girls loved going "into" their rooms and walking up and down the breezeway to Grandma and Grandpa's area. This was all fun, and one of the best things was when I was able to walk up to the area where I want to put in a garden. There is plenty of land area and it is elevated above the house. I can see now that we just might need to buy a little tractor/mower for what we will need to be taking care of. The new neighbors were also there, looking at the progress of their new house. Dan (our new neighbor) stopped by and we got a chance to talk with him. I think it is going to be nice having them as neighbors. He and Jason talked about sharing a fence, and I think it got Jason to thinking about what kind of fencing he would like to have around the house. He wants to have a couple of dogs, and we will need to keep them safe, and not roaming around the area. We took a few pictures (see below) so you all can see just what kind of progress we are looking at. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive. - As a side note, tomorrow is Jason's fourth anniversary of the blast, and so we are kind of celebrating his survivor day tomorrow, with a couple of friends.

View of house from north end

Jason taking in the progress of his new home

Jackie dancing in "guest bathroom"

Window view looking out south end of house

Grandpa showing the girls where they'll have the vegetable garden

Standing in the breezeway 

Happy Family!

Linda walking north in breezeway 


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