May 11, 2015

Mondays can be busy, and then they can also be relaxed ... this was not one of the relaxed ones...

Got up early and Jason and I headed in to Balboa to take care of getting the surgery schedule corrected. Originally it was supposed to be on May 19, but that was changed to June 9 and now, due to other issues, it is being pushed again. I specifically asked that it get pushed one week, but they were not able to provide us any update - the doctors were all out. In fact they might not be able to let us know until June 1, when Jason has to go back in for another visit. One of the challenges of dealing with Military Medicine.

Once we finished there and headed over to the pet store (Jason needed a few things, and also to pick up some food for the dogs), and then we came back home. So far it has been a pretty good day, and it is still relatively early in the morning. I told Jason that I would be getting out on my bike and riding down town, to take care of a quick banking issue and then  continue on, on Harbor Blvd. I also told him and Linda that I should be able to get back by noon, or at least close to it.

The ride out was fine and traffic was actually a little on the lite side. This made me feel pretty good, as I was at about 10 miles by the time I got to the bank. They have recently installed new bike racks, so I had a place to lock up the bike, while I went into the bank. Once completed there I headed back out on the streets to head on down to Harbor, and all was going smooth, even if it was mostly up hill. I got to Harbor and road on through the pedestrian traffic, as well as some bicycles and made the turn to head on back home. I was feeling pretty good, going up the last uphill section when I heard this sound like I'd just run over something, only I didn't see anything. Well, in about two seconds, maybe less, I heard a small snap, or bang and my rear tire was flat. Apparently I had run over something that had a good sized screw in it, and it was now penetrating through my tire and tube. I stopped.

I quickly decided that it would be faster to just walk home, rather than attempt to change the tube, and besides the tire looked damaged. I thought about calling Linda and again, thought that just walking was the fastest way home, so that's what I did. Actually, I felt like attempting to run some and got in about 1/2 a mile then decided it was just a bit too awkward trying to run while pushing a bike and wearing a backpack (I always ride with my backpack). The total ride was about 17.5 miles and I was still able to get home at a reasonable time, only about 15 minutes later than first thought. I now have to figure out how I can repair the tire.

We next had to get over and pick up Stacy, from school, as they get out at 14:00 (2pm) on Monday, and then take her off to another appointment, just a half an hour later. After that, Jackie has to be picked up at 15:00 (3pm), and this time Linda did that as I was taking Stacy to her appointment. Now I need to bring you up on something, as I am working on a project for a friend. While Stacy was at the appointment I felt I had time to work on the project, and made some progress. After the appointment Stacy and I headed back home and within just a few minutes of leaving she was asleep in the back seat - one of those times when I really appreciate how car seats are made, and help to keep her head up.

We were back at the house in about 45 minutes, and part of that is because I was tired of fighting the traffic and jumped off the freeway to drive surface streets. Fortunately I am pretty familiar with those streets, as I frequently ride over in those areas. I carried Stacy into the house and within about five seconds she was wide awake and ready to play. Unfortunately, though, she had some homework so the play time would just have to wait.

Linda made dinner, a little while after our arrival, and we all sat down to eat, except for Jason who remained in his bed. That pretty much brought us to the end of the day, and the girls got to play a little before heading off to bed. I read them a story and we all told them good night, and then I helped Jason with his shower. With all this done I kind of just collapsed back on to the couch and thought, where did this day go? Not sure what it is about Mondays, but they sure do seem busy. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


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January 2017
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