May 16, 2015

A very nice day for us, as I was able to get my bike "repaired" (I fixed a flat, and I think the tire is road ready now); Linda was able to get out to a Blue Star Mother's Luncheon; and Jason is making an effort to stay down more.

I'll start with the bike repair - I got up and had it in my head that I needed to take the time, since I now had some, to see how badly the tire had been damaged. First the girls were up and were in bed with Daddy (Jason), watching some cartoons. I'm not sure who enjoys this more, Jason or the girls, I just know I think it is good for all of them. I pulled the bike in and began working on the tire and found that the damage to the tire, itself, wasn't as bad as I first thought. I replaced the tube (it was totally shot) and remounted the tire and it looked great. I needed to get out on it, and take it for a short ride, so that is what I wanted to do. By this time Linda had been up for about an hour or so and was looking at getting ready for her Blue Star Mother's Luncheon, and I told her I wanted to take the bike for a short ride to make sure it was working okay.

Now you have to appreciate her reaction, because I have said in the past that I was going to go for a short ride, and it turned into about 17 - 20 mile ride, so when I said "short ride" you can imagine the thought going through her head. She wanted to be sure to let Jason know I was going and that he might be left with the girls for about 1/2 an hour, so I told him that was a possibility. He was totally comfortable with that, as the girls listen to him pretty well, and they would probably spend most of the time in bed with him, anyway. As it turned out, I did get a "short" ride in, about 7.5 miles, and I was back rather quickly. The two things that happened while I was out; 1, the tire held up fine and I was even able to sustain a pace of about 20 mph for several minutes; and 2, it started to rain a little so I really didn't want to be out any longer than I needed anyway.

When I got back to the house, Linda was still getting ready and so I said I would be happy to take her, if she could wait until I cooled down and showered. There was time so she was happy to have me drive her. As it was, the location of her meeting was on part of one of my regular rides, up Linda Vista Road, so I had an idea of where it was. The girls were up and running around the house now, so I asked them if they'd like to go along and both of them did. We made it to the Luncheon with a little time to spare. She had a good time at the Luncheon and even helped out with the next meeting (the one following the Blue Star Mother's), as they needed some assistance. She met some new folks and had some great conversations.  Loretta, the President of the Northern San Diego Blue Star Mother's, gave Linda a ride home.

For the rest of the day we had a pretty relaxed afternoon and evening. The one thing that came along, that kind of surprised us, was that we were asked to keep the girls until next weekend. This was a bit of a surprise, as most of these requests are, and we really do enjoy having the girls with us, we just wish we had a little more notice before hand. Both Linda and I had alternate plans for parts of the week, coming up, and this kind of puts a bit of a challenge we didn't have before. I think we can still have the girls with us, and still get everything done, so it won't be too much of a challenge. We're just trying to get things ready for the up coming move. I am still counting on August as a move in date (probably late August), and the time from now until then is going to go by quickly.

Tomorrow we will be going in to church, and Jason and I will be meeting with Rev. John Powell, to discuss the Memorial Day service. John has asked us to be a part of that service and we need to make sure we have all our responsibilities understood and we can truly help make it successful. The rest of the day is very dependent on the weather, so I am hopeful that it will be a great day. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


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