May 25, 2015 - Memorial Day

Today is a day of honoring the men and women who have served the country and especially a time to remember those that gave paid the ultimate sacrifice. This weekend is seen by a large number of people as a chance to get out and go to the beach or have a picnic, and yet a large number of them don't take the time to think about all the blood that was spent, so they could do those things. I am continuing to hope that we, as a country, can continue to grow and survive, as this great experiment is still needed in the world. God bless America is needed more than ever.

On  Sunday, Jason and I spoke at both services of the Point Loma Presbyterian Church, and had a wonderful reception from the congregation. We were invited to be a part of their Memorial Day worship service and it went very well. Linda was recognized as a strong member of the team and was sitting in the front pew, while we had participated in a "dialogue sermon"  with Pastor John Powell. We greeted people, as they were leaving the church, and so many of them thanked us and made the comment that we were inspirational, with most of that coming from Jason. He talked about how he was injured and how he has been able to survive with his strong determination and wanting to be there for his girls. I spoke how our lives have changed, and how our faith in God has sustained us. Over all, I think it was as good for us, as it was for the congregation.

Last night Jason, Linda and I went to the Rolling Stones concert, via a gift of tickets from the City Council of San Diego, or at least that is what I was led to believe. We had a great time and saw some things we had never seen before, like a bunch of really old guys jumping around and looking kind of silly, not caring what anyone else thought about them. And those were just the people in the audience. The "Stones" were just about as good as you'd expect them to be, as they are professional, and it was impressive how much noise they can still generate. Actually, the level of noise was a major factor in why we had to leave a little early. Jason can not tolerate the decibels, like he did before and unfortunately his discomfort got to him - and he really wanted to see the entire show. We're all glad to have had the chance to go, and will remember it.

The other great thing, this weekend was that we took the girls up to the house in Fallbrook, and found it has come along way with the roof being completed, and the stucco almost finished; the interior is also coming along very nicely with a large portion  of the tile work being  completed, and it looking very much like a house. The girls were very excited to see what their rooms look like and Jackie in particular was dancing around the great room and dinning area. We are all becoming more excited and looking forward to the dedication, coming up in August. What we're doing now is trying to figure out just what we're bringing to the new house, and where it is all going to go. These are the kinds of puzzles we like to work on... ;-) I guess this would be a good opportunity to simply say, "thank you!" to the Gary Sinise Foundation, as without them, this would not have been possible. They have shown Jason, and our family, that they really care and are willing to go out that extra mile to help us. Please remember to keep them in your prayers.

Otherwise these past couple of days have been busy with things to do, or places to go (like the concert) and we've been getting to bed later than usual. Even today, working on catching up on email, Facebook, and my blog - my computer started acting up and for some reason it was not allowing me to get anything posted, or entered. My guess is that it was a network issue, and the bandwidth just wasn't great enough. I do recall hearing that the cable companies were going to start slowing data speeds down, so perhaps that is what has happened, and it makes it more of a challenge to do things, unless you want to pay for premium service. But that is just what I heard.

Tomorrow the girls go back to school, after a long weekend, and we get back to a regular routine. We have been experiencing significant moisture in the atmosphere, and that is a good thing. I just wish it would rain, and stop with the drizzle. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. George,

    I have continued to follow the blog even though I have not commented. I read it on email. It is wonderful to know that soon all will be in a new home and life continues to move forward.
    I was sad to read about Artim Lazukin. May he have found the peace he was seeking in heaven.

    I hope the surgery goes well in June.
    Say hello to Jason for me.

    Denise Edwards


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