April 11, 2011 - A Good Day

Today was a good day for Jason, in that he had a successful surgery; they were able to remove the "Ex-Fix" support; the wounds were healing up well, better than anticipated; and, the pins went into his pelvis area. The real surprise was the healing of the wounds, in that there was significantly more healing than they though they would find. All this is very positive, as it allowed for the first closing of the wounds. This was all positive, especially since Jason didn't even know he had gone to surgery, when we spoke with him in the early afternoon (after the surgery). All he knew was that he was still feeling some pain.

That is the down side of the surgeries, in that each time they have to make some "adjustments" with the wounds, afterward he has an increased level of pain. It takes up to two hours for the pain to get back under control, and the good news is that it does seem that there is a bit more control for the pain. Like they have finally found a "formula" in how to deal with his pain. Now we just need to figure out when his next surgery is... I was told by one source that his next surgery, after Monday, would probably be Thursday; and, today I was told that they might want to take him back in on Wednesday. Personally I would go with Thursday, but it isn't my decision. I'm just happy the progress seems to be going in the right direction, and his wounds are healing up.

He is supposed to be receiving his Purple Heart tomorrow, so we have a few things we would like to do for him. I have been able to help him shave a couple of times, so I'll do that again, and we can set the bed up, so that he looks a bit more presentable, however, he hasn't had a shirt on in well over a month now, and he would really like to wear one for the ceremony. David, his brother, brought a shirt that we think we can get him to wear, and still not have to deal with too many of the wires that he is hooked up to. We think it will work, and Jason is all for it, but we haven't tried it yet, so we're not sure. I guess you'll see via the pictures that come back, so stay tuned.

Thank you, again - and I'll keep on thanking you all, as long as I see that people are following this blog. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and ask for strength for all, as we go forward.


  1. I'm visiting my daughter in Indiana and we're both still checking in on your blog. We have you all in our thoughts prayers every day.

  2. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow during the purple heart ceremony.
    Sending prayers for another good day!

  3. The nurses should be able to get that shirt on for the ceremony. We can dress patients around the tubes, no problem! Jason, you are a true hero and the medal you are being awarded is a well deserved honor. Thank you, Jason. Pat Frizzell

  4. So glad to hear of Jason's progress. I do read your blog every day and so appreciate it. I am so thankful to be able to pray for your family, yet not be a bother to ask how you are all doing. I hope that everyone is starting to "heal" a bit as well. I know that Jason's wounds are physical as well as emotional and I am praying for the emotional healing that you all so truly need and that God will always provide for your family. Please keep the updates coming and enjoy Jason's wonderful honor tomorrow. Please tell him thank you for protecting me and my family. I feel that I can't fully express my gratitude for all he has done. My best to Linda .

    Teri Wendt

  5. George, I am so glad to hear that his wounds are starting to heal. That is such great news. I can't wait to see pictures of him receiving his purple heart. I know there is a lot of healing still to come, but your family is so strong and I know you all will over come this. Know that we are still praying for you guys. I wish I was still there to visit with you. Give the girls hugs for me. Thanks for keeping us posted. I appreciate it. I think of you guys often and wonder how he is doing and this is such a great way for me to know. Take care and God Bless!

    Robin and Family

  6. Hello George, I think of all of you daily and thank you for the blog to keep up to date on how you are all doing. My prayers are always with you. I wish I could do more for all of you.
    Love and Hugs, Karen

  7. Jason - you are in my thoughts and prayers today! Semper Fi!

  8. Saluting you in mind and heart today!!
    Karen & Rob Weaver

  9. George, my mom and dad wanted me to tell you that they are sorry they didn't get a chance to say goodbye yesterday, but wanted you to know that your family and Jason are in their thoughts and prayers. Mom said she will try to keep in touch through FB. If Jason does get to go to Balboa, please let us know so that we can come see you guys.

    Lots of Love heading your way,


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