April 28, 2011 - A day to remember

Today was an amazing day, for all of us, and especially for Jason. He not only woke up on the 5th floor today, he had other great things happen. First, he was visited by the Commandant of the Marines (pictures were taken). This wasn't to deliver his Purple Heart, though it was discussed, it was a chance for him to simply check on Jason and see how he was doing. Prior to the Commandant leaving the hospital Linda and I showed up and I got a chance to speak with him. I asked him if he would come back early next week for the Purple Heart presentation, as David will be here, and that would be something important to Jason. (Actually, Jason had told the Commandant that he would like it to be done on Sunday, because he thought David was coming on that day - when I heard this I ran after him and spoke with him to give him the correct day David was arriving.) The Commandant said he would be back either Monday or Tuesday next week, to present it to Jason. And this wasn't the only big thing to happen for Jason.

A short while later, the physical therapist came in and with her team, got Jason into a chair, so that he could go out, and look around. Prior to this we had to get Jason "dressed" (yes, I was very much involved in the process). The Marines had previously obtained some special clothes that had Velcro all over it, so we could get a shirt and some shorts on him, without too much moving. Once we had him in the chair it was like an army of people escorted him out of his room, where the entire 5th floor medical staff was waiting, and they all gave him a huge applause, and asked him to ring a ceremonial bell twice. It was kind of a tradition on the 5th floor. There were lots of pictures taken, as I saw lots of flashes going off. Linda and I didn't have our camera with us, because we didn't know it was planned - that's okay, though, as we will be getting a bunch of pictures that others took. Anyway, we were off for our tour of the hospital.

We took the elevator down to the first floor. The ride was pretty good, with the only concern for Jason was going over the bumps and thresholds. You could see on his face the satisfaction of finally getting OUT of bed, to do something other than going to surgery. We went all over the building 10 lobby, and then it was decided we were going for the big one - Jason wanted to go outside. You have to understand, earlier in the day we were under a tornado watch, and the weather was pretty bad. By the time Jason wanted to go out side, however, it was nice and sunny, with white clouds in the sky, not a drop of rain to be seen. He was up for walking around for about 2 or 3 minutes, and then just wanted to simply sit under some shade and enjoy the lite breeze blowing. After a few more minutes we came back inside and went back up to his room. He was exhausted, and needed some rest. Moving from bed to chair and then back again was actually a bit uncomfortable for him, but I don't think I will ever see anyone more happy to endure that discomfort.

He looked good this evening when I went to go see him tonight, I'd even say he looked great! He was eating a little bit and getting ready to call it a night. He has to go to the O.R. tomorrow, and it will be another washing of the wounds. A little bit back to the old routine, but I think from this point on he is going to be moving full speed ahead.

Thank you, all for your support and prayers, and please do continue. He has a great deal of work ahead of him, and he is going to need all the strength he can get. Also, please remember the family, as they would like to get their son, husband and daddy back as soon as possible, and as healthy as possible.


  1. Sounds like Jason and family had an amazing day. I hope you all have more and more of these kinds of days.

    Love, Terry

  2. Many prayers of joy and thanksgiving for such an amazing day for you ALL! Thank you for sharing this! I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful the cool breeze felt or the sweet sound of the ceremonial bell. I am so thankful that today was the day!! Today WAS the day!!!!

  3. How exciting, you go Jason!!!!!!!! The prayers are still coming.

    Take Care,
    Roseanne Phillips
    Blue Star Mom
    Danville, CA

  4. Very exciting. Thank you for sharing. As always, everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. That's awesome. I can't even imagine how great it must have felt to ring the bell and to go outside to relax.

    I hope they give you a heads up next time they plan something like that. I wish I could have been there. I hope I get to see all of you soon.


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