April 15, 2011 - A Taxing day...

Okay, the title of this blog entry is a bit of a pun, but there were some challenges Jason had to deal with. In general he had a good day because he didn't have surgery! Bridgette, Mom and Dad got to spend the better part of the day with Jason, but in shifts. The only challenge he had to deal with was that his temperature went up to 102.4 and the medical staff didn't know why. Obviously when you have a high temperature you don't feel particularly good, and you aren't interested in seeing too many visitors. But, when Jason is running a 102.4 temp he's cracking jokes and had the nurse call us up, early in the morning and tell us to come on over because he just wanted someone to talk to (the good side of that is that we were already on our way). A couple of other folks came by and he was happy to talk with them, too. One of them, a Marine, came on official business and said he needed a signature. As soon as the medical folks heard him say this they jumped all over him and pretty much sent him away. They let him know that as long as Jason was on narcotics he would not be legally able to sign any documents - at the time Jason was on four narcotics.

Later in the day they brought in a "new" bed. It is a water bed that is specially designed for guys with injuries like Jason's. It allows him to be positioned more comfortably so that he can rest. The bed he had before was okay, but this one is way cooler, and much more comfortable. There isn't a good way to adjust the angle he sleeps, so I suggested they just lift him a little and I pushed a foam wedge in behind him, to support him. They were otherwise going to have to pick him up and readjust, and Jason didn't like that idea. He liked what I suggested, and it worked. Some of the nurses had not seen this new type bed, so it was a novelty for a few of them.

Finally, towards the end of the evening, they found that some of the connections on Jason weren't working properly, and actually might have been the reason for his high temperature. One of his doctors came in an suggested that a procedure, not a surgery, needed to be done to correct the issue. It wasn't urgent, but the longer they waited to do it, the longer Jason would be uncomfortable. The doctor asked Jason when he wanted to have it done, and since it was making Jason uncomfortable he said do it tomorrow. It is a relatively simple procedure, and should go fast. Bridgette will be going over early in the AM to be with him in the morning, and Linda (Grandma) will be going to watch the girls (Grandpa will probably be going too). This will give Jason the rest of the weekend to relax, and that's a good thing.

Thank you, all - The number of folks following this continues to grow, and we have received cards and gifts from all over the country. The support is wonderful and the prayers are very much appreciated. There have been other Marines brought in since we have been here, so I ask you also to keep all the service men and women in your hearts and in your prayers. They go in harm's way for the rest of us.


  1. Always praying. Tell Jason a big Hello from a Marine Mom from Livermore!!

  2. Glad to hear about the new bed. Please thank Bridgette for sharing some of her time with me while I was there. And give the girls a big hug and kiss from me. Have a good weekend and get some much needed rest. My love to Jason. My prayers continue for all of you and the staff and the other Marines that have been brought in and their families. Love ya all.


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