April 21, 2011

Today was one of those days where I would like to say Jason had a good day, as there were no "new" issues to deal with, but just dealing with the things he has had to deal with today would probably have been more than most of us could have dealt with. His pain medications are being changed, and it is hoped that he will be able to work his way off the drip type medications and make up for it with oral medications. This sounds pretty good and balanced, except that they removed a major pain medication and COULDN'T start with the pills because he has surgery in the morning, and besides they don't want him taking pills just yet. His pain level rose from a 2-3 range up to 6+ (most of us would have collapsed at his 5). By 10:30pm the Ketamine had been turned back on, and once again it was working its magic.

On top of this he has had continued issues with his lungs. Fortunately he doesn't have a pneumonia problem, though he has been unable to fully inflate his lungs, like the doctors would like him to. They have been working with him, via a number of exercises but he really hasn't been able to get very far. The solution to this is to use a breather-mask (very similar to the type they use for folks with sleep apnea) that blows a constant flow of air into his lungs. Most people can be comfortable at the 2 - 3 setting, and they have Jason up to 5 - 6. The problem is that the doctors want him to be at 10 - 12, and this is for an hour constant. Jason hates the mask, and the procedure but it is needed for his lungs.

He has surgery tomorrow morning, and it is expected that it will be relatively quick, and only require them to do a "wash out" of the wounds. They doctors want to be able to do more closing of the wounds as well, and how much they can get done depends a great deal on how Jason is. I guess well find that out after the surgery tomorrow. I am asking that you continue to keep Jason in your prayers and ask for strength and endurance for Jason. This is really starting to wear him down. The good news is that they are talking about surgeries going to two days a week again, and barring any problems it looks like it is going to go that way.

Thank you, for all you do, as your support and prayers are appreciated by all of us.


  1. Thank YOU, Mr. Ross for posting this. I have to check it every night before I go to bed so I know specifically what to pray for. Jason is always in our prayers...as are you and Linda and the rest of the family. Thank YOU for all YOU are doing!

  2. I think about Jason so many times during the day and each time I say a prayer for the strength and endurance you've asked for and for his healing. And I pray for his wife and for you and your family.

  3. I am praying that everytime he goes into surgery the Doctors be amazed at his progress. I pray that God give him complete healing in his lungs. I know Jason will make it to the 5th Floor real soon. Know that none of you are alone you have a very large family out here that is praying for all of you. Stay positive and know that He is carring all of you.

    Go ahead Grandma and Grandpa that is our job to spoil our Grandkids. When it is in love you can never spoin them enough. Give the girls a hug and kiss from me too.

    Con mucho Amor, Yolanda


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