April 4, 2011 - A Good Day

This post was set last night - but due to a problem with my gmail account (since corrected) the posting was apparently locked out. As you can see it is back up and I will be working with Google to get this corrected. Thank you, all for continuing to follow this journey with Jason.

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Today was a good day for Jason, in the O.R., as the doctors were happy with what they found, and discovered that even some of the wounds on the right side were beginning to contract and show signs of healing. On the left side they still had to remove some tissue, but very little, and feel that it isn't too far behind the right side. All this was good news, and a positive sign for Jason. Having said that, Jason had a bit of a rough time coming out of surgery today.

Jason was supposed to go in to surgery first, but then got pushed back due to the need for others to go in. This is actually a good sign in that he is no longer considered the one who needs treatment the most. The down side to this is that they didn't tell either Bridgette or me that this was happening, and I only found out because I happened to go by his room in the I.C.U. to leave a log - more about that later - Jason was still in the room, and they were just prepping him to go. Then after he came back he was experiencing some significant pain, and it took them a while to get it under control. Part of the reason for this, as it was explained to me, is because he is building a tolerance to the pain meds that they have been giving him, so it is becoming more difficult to control. We, Bridgette and I, have again asked that we be notified should there be any kind of change with Jason, even if it is just his schedule. Dr. Malone agreed that we should have been notified and said she would insure the staff would be doing that going forward.

Thank you, for your continued support and prayers. Continue to leave your comments, and let me know how you like the blog. Bridgette and I will probably have to read all the comments to him, after he is better.


  1. Good morning George! I'm so glad to see the blog again as last night google was saying that the blog was removed. I figured it was "technical difficulties". Please know how grateful I am for your blog and sharing of your experience. I'm amazed by Jason's strength and so glad that he's got such great support there. It sure sounds like an amazing hospital... what a great honor to care for our wounded warriors. Jason's positive outlook is certainly helping his recovery. Peace to each of you, Christina

  2. Good Morning to Jason and Bridgette, Last night we had a nice evening with Linda. It was great to be able to hear about how you are doing and give her a real hug. Jason, your mom is so proud of your resilience and strength and your attitude in approaching life. Bridgette, Linda is proud of what a great mom you have been to the girls and your concern and care and love for Jason. We know this is a difficult time but you both have many people and prayers to fall back on when it seems to heavy. We love you. Karen

  3. George, I am so relieved to see your blog back up again. Jason and your family are my family's thoughts and prayers, and we are following his progress daily through your posts. Sue

  4. Hi George,
    I'm not sure how much frustration your computer is giving you, or how much time you have to work on it, but if you would like to borrow mine, I can send it back with Linda. We are seeing her tonight and I look forward to giving her a hug. Give our love to Jason and Bridgette.

  5. Hello George and Bridgette,
    I am a surgical tech (I pass instruments to the surgeons) at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I had the honor of assisting in Jason's surgery on Monday and am so happy to hear and see that he is doing well. Please know that you, your family, and especially Jason our in my families prayers. God bless you!


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