April 13, 2011 - A little better day

Apologies for the lateness of this post, but last night there seems to have been a problem with access to the internet, all over the base. Not sure specifically what it was, but anyway, it is working now... on with the post.
Jason had a little better day today, though he still had to deal with pain and therefore, with the meds used to help control the pain. Some of them caused some hallucinations, and bad dreams, but for the most part it wasn't too bad. He is going into surgery again tomorrow, to make a small adjustment on the pin in his pelvis, and to bring more closure to his wounds; and, we're hoping that this is the beginning of the faster recovery. We have been told to expect another couple of weeks of these kinds of surgeries, with the caveat that things can always go better and sometimes worse, though I'm focusing on the better.

This week has been a special week for Jason, as he has had several visitors, to many to list by name (though I will list some of them). There is a log book in his room, so that any visitor that comes by is asked to write their name in the book for Jason to see later. The visits from his EOD brothers, most of them from Camp Lejeune, has helped to bolster his spirits, and the continued visits from Bridgette and Mom and Dad are always good (and to be honest, I think he would rather see Bridgette over everyone else). His brother David and his wife Miriam came in this week to spend some time with him again, as did Bridgette's mom Yvonne. The real special visitor though, that he was surprised with was from his Nina (his Godmother), Yolanda Camarena. She brought a smile to his face, like she always did when he was a little boy. The sad news is that by Friday, it will again be back to Bridgette and the girls, and Mom and Dad here, as the others had to go back home - oh, and the occasional Marine buddy.

The challenge now is that we need to be sure to manage/control the visitors, and perhaps the amount of time WE are spending with him. He needs simply some time to be alone so that he can fully rest, and then we need to be spending quality time with him to let him know we are there, and he isn't alone in the challenges he is facing. I believe that all the support and prayers that have been coming our way have been having a positive affect on Jason and he truly is getting better, so please continue to keep him in yours, and thank you for keeping us in your hearts.


  1. Glad to hear yesterday was a better day. Pryng that soon the number of good days will out number the bad days.
    Steve Robyn M.

  2. Long road ahead for all but God said she carries us when we think we are alone. Remember to take care of yourselves with rest and quiet time and some walks.

    Dedicating my walk this afternoon to Jason.

    Thinking of you all and continuing prayers and support. Karen & Rob Weaver


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