April 19, 2011 - More challenges

Tomorrow Jason will be going back into surgery, as they need to find where the infection is coming from, as well as the continued washout of his wounds. The good news is that his wounds continue to look good, and they are healing. The challenge that seems to be continuing to pop up is that there is a persistent infection that is causing Jason to run a high fever. If they can get that under control, and I expect them to do just that, he will be able to go to the Monday/Thursday schedule and actually get more rest. We are looking forward to the day when they come and tell us that he is going to the 5th floor, but until his infections are under control that time is going to continue to push out. Funny thing is, they do seem to be dialing-in on his pain control, and that is also a big factor for moving to the 5th floor, and at one point, I thought it was all we needed to deal with.

Tomorrow will be a day to take care of some personal issues for all of us, and kind of force us to get out side, for at least a short while and enjoy the sun shine - and we'll actually see some tomorrow (I think). Once Jason is out of surgery he will take a few hours before he will be ready to see anyone, and that is when we can get things done. Please continue to keep Jason and the rest of us in your prayers, and also ask for more strength for Jason, and guidance for the doctors hands and the rest of the medical staff.

Thank you, all for your prayers and keeping us in your thoughts, it is appreciated.


  1. George and Linda
    We are all praying for you guys! Fayth and Zoey and all the rest of us send our love to you all!

  2. It was great to talk with you today Linda!!! Thank you for your insight!
    George, I even heard you in the background. =) I'm sending a hymnal tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers are with you ALL!!

  3. Hang in there Compadres, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. My prayers continue for all of you. I am praying that the Doctors find the cause of the infection and that to will be under control soon. Love ya all.
    Linda, take care, your in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you. I really enjoyed those few days we were able to spend together, thanks for letting me be part of Jasons life.


  4. We are praying that the infection clears up quickly.
    Love from Bella, Michael and Tyler too!


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