April 23, 2011

Today was a restful day for Jason, though he is still sedated and has a breathing tube still in place. There is a need for his breathing to become stabilized, and when there was an attempt to get him off the breathing tube he became very anxious and they realized that they had moved to quickly. The decision was, continue with the tube and attempt to remove it more slowly, once he stabilizes again. Talking with the doctor about this I found out that the time frame is really pretty much up to Jason, and how he reacts to them removing it. The real good news is that there is no sign of pneumonia in his lungs, and his temperature has been stable as well as normal.

Tomorrow is Easter; We thank the Lord for giving Jason and us strength while we are on this journey. We miss attending our Livermore First Presbyterian Church and being with our family and friends. Right now we really don't have anything planned, other than to spend some time with Jason, Stacy and Jackie. Pretty much the same as today. Funny thing is - today went by pretty fast. I think the weather is going to be a little better tomorrow, as today began with rain and ended with sun shine, and warmer. Well, I guess if I'm beginning to talk about the weather, so it is time to call it a post.

Thanks, again to everyone for the support and prayers, I hope you all have a great Easter Sunday, and enjoy your families and friends.


  1. I'm so glad that there is good news with Jason's health and that the infections are gone. I think between good medicine and lots of prayers and the love of his family that he seems to be on the mend. We look forward to more posts about the weather :) Happy Easter to you folks and Jason and his family.

  2. The blog was down for hours today and I got very nervous.When it came back up I was so relieved.Thinking of Sgt.Jason Ross and is long journey to recovery is on my mind everyday.Happy Easter. Sometimes the healing process takes a lot of time. Use this time to stop and reflect on the little things that are there, like the singing birds and the sun that did shine today. Debra


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