April 24, 2011 - Easter Sunday

Today began with a 6:30am visit with Jason, and I found him without the breathing tube. The day had begun on a good note. I stayed and visited with Jason, for a couple of hours, and I believe he was happy to have me there, even though he was still unable to speak. It takes a day or so for the effects of the tube down your throat to wear off, but none-the-less we were able to communicate. His swelling has gone down considerably, all over, and that was one of those things that the doctors were waiting to see. He had also been taken off some of the pain medication and he was able to remain stable, though he was a little uncomfortable and experiencing some phantom pain. A little later in the morning mom was able to head on over and spend a little time with him too.

Easter Baskets filled with thoughtful gift cards, toys and goodies came in a couple of days ago, from the Livermore/Pleasanton Military Families Organization; Linda's parents sent a couple of large stuffed bunnies; and, Stacy even got a new Easter Dress (she refused to have her picture taken - we took some anyway). I made a nice little dinner for us, and we ate on the patio of the Fisher House (the place where Bridgette and the girls are staying). Stacy was having a great time with a ball and bubbles that she received in her basket, and we even got a chance to see our first cardinal, in all its red splendor (Linda wanted/tried to get a picture but the bird didn't want to cooperate). I then went back over to see Jason, as I promised him I'd be back to watch a National Geographic program with him. It was very interesting, but I think it would have been better if nurses didn't have to keep coming in checking on stuff - it was all needed though... and that was pretty much the end of the day.

Tomorrow we'll take Stacy to the White House Egg Roll, in the morning, and then come back here. Linda will spend most of the time with Jason, as I got to have most of it today. Since the girls will be in day care, and I'll be basically on my own, I will be focusing on fixing my gmail account, and hopefully clean up the remnants of being hacked. I apologize for all the spam email going out, and hope to correct it tomorrow.

Thank you, for staying with us, and showing the support we have seen. We continue to receive packages, cards and letters (even from his elementary school teachers!)and they all help to bring his spirits up. Continue to pray for strength and stamina, for Jason and skill and knowledge for the doctors. He has surgery on Tuesday, so he gets an extra day off, and that alone, I think, made him happy.


  1. Happy Easter, George and Linda!
    We missed you in worship today. You are in so many prayers of so many people! I'm glad to see you enjoyed Easter with the grandkids. :) There's nothing like blowing bubbles. :) Enjoy the egg roll at the White House! What a memory that will be!! Continued prayers for you both, Jason, Bridgette and the girls. Thank you for blogging the updates.
    Jennifer Geiger

  2. Happy Easter! Sounds like a restful day for all. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you are doing!

  3. Hugs and happy Easter to all!! I just got caught up on all the recent posts. It sounds like it's been a bit of a roller coaster, but Jason always seems to move forward even when everything else is going sideways. :-)

    I do hope, for his sake and yours, that he's ready for physical therapy in 6 weeks. But if you're still around after June 11 then I will have moved to DC and can come visit!!!

    Hugs, love and strength to all.

  4. Happy Easter to all of you. We are in awe of the progress Jason is making. I know it is through all the love and prayer from so many people. We all will keep praying for Jason.

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