April 30, 2011 - The end of the month, and it is on an up side!

Today started out a bit busy, with getting the girls up (Stacy and Jackie) and fed breakfast, and then readied to head over to the hospital. We put the girls into the stroller and walked over to the hospital, and up to the 5th floor. Jason was feeling pretty good, but generally sleepy, so he dozed off. At this point, he still had not seen the girls, since that one time in the C.C.U. (I.C.U. for you non-military types), and we didn't plan on taking them in to see him today either, but more on that later. We wanted to be in the 5th floor waiting area, with the girls, so that both of us could be there, close to Jason, as it was the weekend and the activity level around the hospital (and base) was minimal, and we knew we'd pretty much have the room to ourselves. While one stayed with the girls the other would go in and see Jason. But, like I said, he was feeling a bit sleepy, so we let him sleep.

As it turned out, the folks from the Navy Casualty group had planned a baseball game trip: the Washington Nationals were playing the SF Giants, and they wanted us to go. Linda didn't want to go and I did, so I took Stacy with me, and the two of us went to watch them play - it was a good game, and the Giants won! While Linda waited for us to return she got the chance to take Jackie in and gave Jason the chance to see her. They really didn't get too close, but close enough for Jason to enjoy seeing her and really getting a chance to see how much she has grown. Also, while the game was on, Jason woke up a bit more and his doctor instructed some of the medical staff to order him some Chinese food - as much as they could order for about $20. Jason ate more of that, than he has eaten anything else.

Also, while we were watching the Giants win at the National Stadium, Bridgette was able to make it back up from North Carolina, and she was able to visit with Jason again, and this made all of us happy, especially Jason. We came back from the game and went in to visit with Jason and he was open to Stacy coming into the room as well, so she got to get up close to Jason, and that was a very good thing. She held his hand and wanted to make his boo-boo better. This is actually when I found out about the Chinese food too. He offered the left overs to me, but our refrigerator was already full of left overs, so I had to decline. It was good to see how much he had eaten, though, and on top of that he was looking great, and I think a big part of that was Bridgette being in the room, next to the bed.

One of the other exciting things that happened, was that while all the people were in Jason's room that evening, his other doctor came in and let us know that they had identified the "bug" that was causing the infection, and were now treating it directly, and it was being taken care of. This sounded much better than what we had heard earlier. In fact, there were a couple of positive reports where he is being treated with a drug that stimulates stem-cell growth on his wounds, and as a result there won't be as much of a need for Integra, and his body is generating much of its own tissue. This was all good and positive news for Jason, and I think I'll be able to sleep a whole lot better tonight.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and keeping us all in your thoughts and in your heart.


  1. GREAT DAY FOR YOU FOLKS!! I'm so glad that Jason is doing so well, wonderful news. We will continue to pray on his behalf and for the wisdom of his doctors. His daughter holding his hand and wanting to make his boo-boo better makes me smile and teary, it's all good. I'm glad you got to see the Champs today too :) Looks like better days ahead - prayers are being answered Ross Family!!

  2. What a great way to end out one month and bring in the new!!! Prayers and peace always -

  3. Great post! I love that his daughter wants to make his boo boo better. That brought tears to my eyes like only the innocense of a child can. Sending our love and prayers.
    Donna, John and the kids


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