April 5, 2011 - An evening update

Jason had a pretty good day today. He had to go in for a procedure to make sure his bowels were where they were supposed to be, and they were - so now he can get started on clear liquids (again), and work his way up to solid foods (again). They have him on a new medication, to help with the nerve damage that happened, as a result of the blast and from the surgeries he has been going through. The good side of this new med is that it works really well, and the specific type pain Jason would feel is taken care of. The not so good side is that it can cause hallucinations and seriously messes with his vision. They initially started him off with 20cc's (I believe that's what the nurse told me) and Jason asked them to lower it, after he began to feel a bit strange. They lowered it to 10cc's and that no only took care of the pain but allowed Jason to feel a little more normal.

He spends a number of hours, when he is basically alone (the nurses are always there, or very close by) watching TV, and that gets old after a while. I spoke with his uncle Larry about this and he suggested that I get him some "books-on-tape" and a player (they're actually on CD now). Again, because of the meds his vision is not working correctly, so this seemed like a good idea. I found him a Steve King and a Michael Crichton set, as these are two of his favorite authors, and he even helped to set up the CD player. I think that made him feel better all by itself. Anyway, he has another option besides the TV, where he can just lay back and close his eyes and listen to a story.

Speaking of a story - We learned today that Jason will be receiving his Purple Heart on April 12th, and it is supposed to be presented by the Commandant of the Marines (a four star general). The ceremony will take place in his room, and right now we're planning on that being on the 5th floor. It is a fair sized room so it should hold all the people who will be there, and right now it looks like there are going to be a bunch. I'll make sure that plenty of pictures are taken so we can share them with everyone. I keep telling him he is becoming famous and I think it kind of humbles him, as he feels that he was just doing his "job" and he doesn't think of himself as any more special than any of the other Marines. I've also told him that people simply love him and feel he IS special and he is just going to have to get used to it.

Thank you, to all who continue to follow us on this journey as we appreciate all the support and prayers being sent our way. I'd like to ask for another prayer for Bridgette and the girls, as it looks like they have caught the flew or some other type bug. Because of it, they didn't get a chance to see Jason today. I held the phone so Bridgette could talk with him, and I think that made the both of them feel a little better. I'm going to sign off now - so stay tuned for the continuing saga.


  1. Is there an email address that is available to send information to?

  2. Whenever Jason needs a good book as a diversion, a "guy" kind of book that men seem to like is "Shadow Divers". Highly recommended.

    I hope you post the Purple Heart pictures - it would be nice for everyone to see. I have a link to your blog on my own family blog which has a lot of viewers and I hope it increases the prayers coming your way.

    Kathy and Dave from Pleasanton.

  3. Dear George,

    You are doing an amazing job on the blog. I read it a couple times each day and I am keeping Jason and all of you in my prayers. Please tell Jason "Thank you" for protecting me, my family and our country. I am in awe of our service men and women and so appreciate all that they do. I am happy to read about all the mini milestones that Jason is making on his journey. Please know that there are so many people praying and thinking about him all over this country. God bless you and Linda as you walk this path with your precious son.

    Take care,
    Teri Wendt
    VFCCA - Pleasanton

  4. Hi George, I am with the East Bay Blue Star Moms in the tri-valley area (Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, etc). Please tell Jason we are all thinking of him and think HE IS VERY SPECIAL HERO. We would like to send Jason a care package, and see that he now has books on tape, any suggestions of books to send? or music? Thank you so much for doing this blog, I know it is probably somewhat theraputic for you as well as keeping people informed. Its obvioius where Jason gets his incredible strength from. Prayers and well wishes coming daily to Jason and his family.

    Patty Harris

  5. Dear Jason and family,
    I was unable to read your blog for a couple of days but you were in my thoughts and prayers daily. I am most pleased to see things are improving. My nephew is also a Marine and also received a Purple Heart so I understand to a very very small degree what you have done for us. Thank you! My heart goes out to your wife and girls too. They are brave soldiers as well. Continue to improve and know we are very grateful and proud to know you. Karen D. (fpcl member)

  6. Hey George! My mom shared this link with me and it has been great to know what's going on! I've been praying for you guys a lot. Just a suggestion, I know the Livermore library is really good with the books on CD, they have a HUGE selection. There's probably a library around there that has them too! They can be expensive to buy, so my dad and I have really enjoyed getting them this way. I continue to pray for you, and tell Linda I'm sending you guys all the love and prayers I can!
    Amy Dykes

  7. I am praying that Brigette and the girls can get over the flu asap so they can be up there with their Daddy. I am happy to hear about the books on CDs for Jason. My mother used to live with us, she was paralyzed and she just loved listening to the Bible on CD. It was very soothing for her. I thank you again for keeping us updated on Jason. I look forward to reading them and then I know what to specifically pray for. I think many of us feel that way. Jason is an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing him with all of us. God bless you and your family! ~Paula Baca- Tracy, Ca.


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