April 25, 2011 -- A nice quiet day

Today was a different kind of day, in that Linda and I took Stacy to the White House for their annual egg roll. Stacy had a great time and wore us out pretty well. We did get to see the Obama family, though only from a distance. They had all kinds of costumed characters around and Stacy was having a ball. The Marines arranged for our transportation to and from the event, which I was glad to see, as I really wasn't looking forward to driving in Washington, D.C. On the trip home I did my best to keep Stacy awake, but she finally succumbed to fatigue, but not until after she got to speak with mommy for a couple minutes.

Linda went to go visit with Jason, after we got back and I took Stacy to day care, where Jackie already was. When I finally made it over to see him he looked pretty good, and was dealing with the pain, even though at times he was very uncomfortable. I think he really enjoyed the fact that he didn't have to make a visit to the O.R. today, and it gave him an extra day to recover. Tomorrow he will be going in for a wash out of the wounds and a few more steps towards closing. There is also a chance they will use a bio-synthetic material to help with the closing, but that might have to wait until Friday - all depends on how things are.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, and please continue to focus on the need for the doctors to use the best skills in helping Jason going forward.


  1. Hi George and Linda. My Easter Mass was offered for Jason and your family. How nice that you got to go to the egg roll at the white house. That's big. Something you will be able to talk about in years to come. I'm glad to hear the progress of Jason every day. It's hard to take things slow. I know how it is when you want results "now" and it just isn't going to happen that way. Please give Jason my love. Happy Easter. Love, Judy

  2. Forgot to say, April 26th is Bryan's 21st birthday... can you believe that?

  3. Thank goodness for another day of rest! (And a little bit of fun too! I love the name "Egg Roll") Continued prayers and thoughts as you head into a brand new week! May healing continue and spirits remain high!

  4. I'm so glad to hear some bits of good news and I am so happy for you and Linda to be able to have some fun with your granddaughters.It is such a blessing the Jason has such a warriors spirit. The egg roll at the White House, that's awesome. I continue to keep Jason and all of your family in my prayers daily. How are Linda's eyes doing? Please tell her all of the ladies from VFCCA are thinking of her and all of you. Many blessing always.

    Teri Wendt


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