April 8, 2011 - moving forward... slowly

Jason had a good day in the O.R. today, with a relatively quick turn around in with the surgery, where they did find some bad tissue that had to be removed, but it wasn't much, and the doctors have told us that it was the best that his wounds have been yet. Originally there was to be a pin set, in his pelvic bone today, but due to a few minor complications they decided to delay until Monday. They could have still done it today, but then Jason would have been in surgery for a much longer period, and instead of a short visit to the O.R. it would have been a long visit, and they really just didn't want to put him through that. They will be doing that work on Monday, and feel that with the progress Jason has been making with the wounds, he will be in better shape to have the pin put in place, and allow them to get some of the closing done, and that is a big step. We think the doctors are doing the right thing, though to be honest, Jason is really looking forward to the day all these surgeries are over; at least the surgeries that happen multiple times a week.

Jason was in good spirits again today, though I think he would really enjoyed a visit from Bridgette. He understands though that with her fighting the flu she really does need to stay away, as the LAST thing he needs is to get sick. Heck I've even curtailed my visits to her and the girls, as I don't want to get sick either. I just wish there was something I could do to make it a little easier on her, as she is also taking care of two little girls, and that has got to be tough on her. When you're thinking about Jason and praying for his strength, please remember Bridgette, Stacy and Jackie too. Jason has the weekend off, and I'm glad - he's glad too! From what I understand the surgeries are going to slow down a bit now and he may only have to endure two a week, rather than three.

Thank you, for being there, and for the comments that you have been leaving. Even if they are only a few words, it still shows the thoughts are there and it does provide a little lift to the spirit. Also, all the cards and packages that have come in are very much appreciated too, and it has begun to dawn on me that getting all this stuff is great, but we're going to have to ship it home one these days too. What I'd like to request here is that in the future, please consider only sending cards and maybe a picture and/or letter, or something along those lines. I believe that Jason and the rest of us out here are really appreciative of all the prayers and support, it is helping, so please continue.


  1. Dear George and Jason,

    The contents of one large box can certainly be left behind or passed on. You will certainly understand as you go thru it. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be so! Keep up the good work both of you. You know your family and friends will be so glad to have you get to the 5th floor and then on to the next phase. Love, admiration and prayers, Karen


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