April 5, 2011 - A quick thank you

All - Jason is doing well today, and he is getting some testing done on his bowels. If he comes through as well as they are expecting he will get to start eating again, and he is already asking for soup, in the way of a good stock (chicken or beef). I will provide a little more information on this later tonight.

The main purpose of this entry is to simply say, "Thank you." To all of you who have been following the blog; those that have sent get well cards; and, for the packages that have come. We have not had much of a chance to go through and open many of them, as there hasn't been a time that has allowed us all to get together and go through them, especially since Jason is still on the 3rd floor (I.C.U.). It is hoped that he will be up to the 5th floor by tomorrow, and then we can begin seeing what all those cards and letters - and packages - have in them. It will probably be a while before we can get the thank you's out to everyone too, so please be patient.

Another entry to come tonight


  1. Thank you notes not expected!!! It's just our way to say that we're thinking of you. You've obviously got a lot of love out there...no response necessary.
    Prayers continuing...Christina

  2. Just get well Jason, that's everyones thank you. By the way, I did send a note (twice) to Mr. and Mrs. O'bama requesting that they visit you. It doesn't hurt to ask right???

    You are in our prayers on a daily basis,
    Karen & Rob Weaver

  3. I'm speaking for everyone...you do NOT need to worry about sending any individual thank yous out. Your blog has said thank you on every post. :) We all just want to send smiles your way.


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