April 12, 2011 - Another tough day

Jason was to have received his Purple Heart today, but early this morning they had to take him in to emergency surgery, due to problems with his bowels. There was an obstruction (scar tissue) that needed to be removed. It was the culprit that was causing him so much discomfort. It was a short surgery, but one where they had to open him up again, and as a result he was very uncomfortable, and experiencing some significant pain. Because of this, it was decided that he wasn't in the best of conditions to go through any ceremony, and when we spoke with him he was in agreement to delay the presentation.

By the end of the day you could see a marked improvement in his condition, and perhaps if the presentation had gone on tomorrow, he might have been able to go with it, but that is a mute point right now. The next presentation is set for a couple of weeks from now, and by then he should be in much better shape for it. On the bright side, with the correction to his bowels, he should be able to SLOWLY begin eating again, and not become uncomfortable or backed up. That is a terrible feeling and any time any of us visited with him we couldn't help but feel like we wanted to do something, but couldn't do much except try to make him a little more comfortable.

Please keep him in your prayers, and rest assured, we are letting him know about all the good things coming his way, and that once he is able, we have a bunch of hugs for him. Thank you, all for your continued support, believe me, it is appreciated.


  1. Well I'm glad they finally figured the bowel issue out and now he won't have that pain there to contend with anymore :( Continuing prayers for continued healing for Jason and everyone. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. George - I think about Jason every day and he and the family are in my constant prayers. I'm sorry he had to postpone the ceremony but grateful they resolved the blockage causing him distress. I hope you are getting some encouragement and support for yourself through all this. It has to be so difficult for you and you are such a wonderful person / father doing exactly what any one of us would if it was our child. Still, in all this know that God loves you and so many people in your community love you, Linda, Jason and the entire family.
    Karen Lewis

  3. Hi George and Family, Thanks for keeping us tuned in on Jason's progress. You mentioned no more packages, but how about an audio book or a DVD?

    Kevin and Family


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