Good day for Jason to be feeling good, 'cause he was worked pretty good in PT today. Mike (his PT Therapist) had Jason doing a bunch of different things, all focused on strengthening his arms, shoulders, back and most importantly... his heart. Jason was sweating so much that his towel was actually noticeably heavier when he was done, and Jason was noticeably tired. He had already done his OT exercises, and electrical stimulation of the right arm, so once he was done with the PT we were off to Wound Care.

Wound Care was quite busy today. Busiest that I've seen them so far, though it hasn't been quite a month yet. We were backed up in the hall way for a few minutes, and then they were able to finish with two of the guys, and get everybody into their respective "rooms." They each have at least three walls and a curtain to provide some privacy, and some of them have four walls and a door. Today was different because Plastics was there checking on the guys with the head of the department doing the exams. I was happy to see it and it gave me a chance to talk directly with the man in charge to ask some direct questions with regard to Jason's treatments and planned course of action. I particularly liked what he said about the skin flaps and how they were going to provide a high level of comfort for Jason, and he showed me generally how they were going to get it done.

About the only thing that didn't run smoothly was the visit to Urology. Apparently the doctor that Jason was supposed to have seen today was not able to make Jason's appointment. I am assuming that it was due to a more pressing issue in the hospital, as that does happen from time to time. Jason took it in stride and he simply set up another appointment for next week. We also spoke with his Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) and she informed us that she had the wheels turning and that we should still look to the end of February or very early March for getting back to California. It was good to hear this news as it reinforces what we were hoping for.

For dinner we decided to do something a little different, and we went for Five Guys hamburgers. They were pretty good, and it was relatively quick. The best part was that I drove down to the  Five Guys store and back again in a pretty fast manner. I was concerned that I was going to be running into traffic, because of the storm that is headed this way, but it wasn't bad at all. After eating, Jason soon fell asleep, and it didn't surprise me at all. Like I said earlier, he had a busy day and probably needed the rest. Thank you, for all the continued support and all the prayers being sent our way, I hope you enjoy the new pictures from today.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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