Many apologies to everyone - I just realized I didn't do a posting last night, and I fully intended to. I will also post tonight... as long as I don't forget... ;-)

Jason had a pretty good day yesterday, as we began with a hot oatmeal breakfast, and I had blueberries with mine (Jason doesn't like blueberries), and then we were off to his appointments. His first stop was with OT, and the therapist wasn't there. There were others, but they didn't know where the electrical stimulator was, for his right hand/arm. Jason was okay with not getting the "shock therapy," as he calls it - instead he grabbed a Lego model of one of the Star Wars sweep-wing fighters and began putting that together. He made it about half way through before we had to leave for his next appointment. It is the kind of thing that he really enjoys doing, especially getting to work with the small pieces and following the detail. The therapist did show up, towards the end of the visit and explained that he had to get his wife to the doctor and it took longer than expected, so he was forgiven...;-)

While Jason was doing his physical therapy I went off to take care of a couple of errands around the hospital, with the Post Office being the biggest one. Linda sent me a couple of packages and only one of them showed up. Fortunately the more important one did make here first, I'll have to wait until Monday for my boots (because of the snow I asked her to send them to me). I was wearing my 49er shirt, so I was getting some comments from folks, with most of them being positive. Some were on the teasing side, but still friendly.

We then went to Wound Care and no new developments there. He is making good progress, and it is hoped that it will continue. He is in good spirits and feeling physically good. The doctors have cut back on some of his pain meds, as Jason wants to get away from them if he can, and there haven't been any negative side affects seen. We went back to the room in 62 and then just kicked back for awhile.

Finally we ended up going to the cinema. Jason wanted to go see Hansel and Gretal, and it was showing in 3D. The movie was interesting, in their take on the nursery rhyme but I really can't say that I'd recommend it, unless you like lots of blood and mess. We came back "home" after that and then went to bed - it was after 22:00 (10pm).  Thank you, for continuing to follow the blog and for sending all the prayers our way. The support has been very much appreciated.


  1. Sounds like a good and busy week all wrapped up! Hope your boots arrive and you are a brave soul wearing your 49er shirt in Raven territory! Then again, you did intend to wear a Giants santa hat down to L.A. :-) YAY, only one more sleep until the BroBowl. I hope you prediction comes true!! This is such excellent news that these wounds are behaving and healing! I'm praying on this. Congrats Jason for one less med to have to take. Your liver is very happy about that! Take good care my friends and have a relaxing weekend. BTW Jason, looking great in the new pics!!! Stay positive, be part of the solution and GO 49ERS!!

    Always our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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