Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Monday, February 25, 2013

Well, I'm embarrassed that I didn't know there was a First Lady for California. I guess I wasn't following the life and times of Jerry Brown closely enough to know that he actually got married in 2005. Ann Gust Brown is our First Lady of California and I respectfully bow to that. Unfortunately, I did not see her at the luncheon, so I didn't get a chance to speak with her; she may have been there, I don't know. Thank you, to all those who pointed out my error, and educated me... I really need to pay more attention... ;-)

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  1. I would not have known about Mrs. Brown either except for the fact that I watch channel 2 news at 10 pm. Sounds like a nice lunch out with fellow Marines, Jason!! Just a quick note to say have a GREAT day!

    All my best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends