Well, as a quick follow up to yesterday's rant about not having a bed - we made it through the night. I had some cushions on the ground and we slept okay. I went back to the Marines, and actually the Lead RCC and asked him why we didn't get a bed. He apologized, as did another RCC and they came up with the idea that I should just go out and purchase an inflatable mattress and then they would reimburse me for the expense. I did that, and now we have a place to sleep that is better than on the floor. Also bought sheets, just to make sure it was comfortable.  BTW - the RCCs are both civilian, as the Marines had little to do with this.

Jason had a good day, though Mike (PT) didn't come in today. He had to pull a late night assignment and so he wasn't able to come back in today. That was okay, because it meant that Jason had that hour to do a few other little chores he wanted to get done, and I was able to get back to the RCC's (mentioned above) to get other issues taken care of.

Linda and I went out tonight and enjoyed ourselves. Jason didn't want to come along and just rested. We made sure he had something to eat, and then we were off. We came back a few hours later and everything was okay. I went through my email and then did this blog post, and in a little while we'll be going to bed. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.


  1. Did you see my comment about the air bed yesterday? they are great...adn take up no space when not needed.


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