Just a quick update for today, as I am really kind of tired right now, as it has been a busy day. It was a good day, just busy. The wounds are looking good and the doctors are all sounding positive. We have to go with one more appointment on Monday and then possibly by Tuesday (maybe I'm an optimist) we should have a much better idea of when we might be heading back to California.

I got another good workout at the gym today, though it was only about 30 minutes in length. I hope that being consistent with the workouts will allow me to lengthen the amount of time to go beyond an hour will happen in a matter of just a couple (several) weeks. Of course the transition to San Diego is going to have an impact on this, but I figure it will all be positive.

Tonight we went out to one of the sponsored dinners, and it was at the Washington Press Club. The meal was excellent and we did not come home hungry, not even slightly. The folks from the Aleethia organization put it on, and they always do a great job. We did get to have dinner (he sat next to me) with one of the New Zealand diplomats, a Navy Lieutenant Commander. We had a great time talking about traveling through the United States, as he has a hope that while he is stationed here he can learn more about this great country.

Afterward we drove back to the base and up to building 62, where we were both kind of tired and ready to call it a day. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and all the support being sent our way.


  1. Sounds like a terrific day you guys! Congrats George on getting back to the gym. 60 min a day is a great amount of time to strive for with exercise. I was told you can split it up also, 30 in the a.m. and 30 in the evening. Will you be able to go to the gym in Balboa??? The Washington Press Club? Fancy and pretty cool!. You are in my prayers and I'm hopeful that these wounds are closing up and healed forever. Keep us posted on your relocation news.

    Prayers your way,

    All my best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Really looking great in these photos. God is certainly watching over Jason!
    God Bless and keep up all the great work.



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