July 26, 2014 - A little catchup

I hope all are doing well, and that you didn't mind not having a posting yesterday. At the end of the day I was kind of tired and just went to bed, rather than do my normal blog entry. On top of that I realized I left out an important item from Thursday post, so I'll simply start today's blog post with that one entry from Thursday.

On Thursday, we all went to the Library. Well, actually, Linda had taken Stacy to the Library while Jason and I were over at the hospital. I called her when we were done and she asked if we would be able to come over to the library, and Jason was up for that. We got to the library and Stacy was very excited to see us, especially Daddy. She took him around and showed him some of the things she was involved with (they have a reading program for the summer and she is attempting to get 100 books, in this case, since she doesn't read much yet, she gets us to read the books to her). She has won several of the prizes already, and today picked up another one. It was especially nice for her, because she was able to do it in front of Daddy. I think it made Jason's day too...

Yesterday was a bit of an exciting day because of a couple of things. I was able to get Jason's manual chair all set up for him (wasn't much to do, really, just needed to get it in the house from the garage, and the garage is kind'a packed right now), so that he could head over to Marine Corps Recruit Depot and try out their gym. He went and had a great work out, at the gym, as well as a good cardio workout getting to and from the gym. He went on his own and when he came back he had that look of accomplishment. He plans on going 3 times a week, though that depends on all the other things that he has going on, so we'll see if that fits in his schedule. The other exciting thing that happened was that I took my bike to get the tire fixed (I had purchased a package deal that included tire fixes, as well as another couple of tune ups) and brought Stacy with us. She found a Schwinn bicycle there that really looked good, and was just her sized. I helped her ride it around the store, since they weren't very busy just then, and she did pretty good. I think she will be ready to get on "her own" bike soon, and then who knows, maybe we can go riding together.

Today was a good day, as it began at a more relaxed pace, and then at about 09:00 we headed up to the dog training, up in Oceanside. While Jason was at the training Linda and I took the girls to the play area, where they immediately went for the swings. Jackie was more adventurous and willing to get on a regular swing before Stacy, and they both still need to learn the correct way to swing, without having to be pushed. We stayed for about an hour and then headed on back to the house. We thought the girls could possibly fall asleep, since it was close to the normal nap time, and they had been playing pretty hard for about an hour... We were wrong. They not only didn't fall asleep, when we did finally get home they didn't want to nap then either. Linda fixed them lunch and we had them lay down, but each time we closed the door, it was like a green light to more play. We finally let them get back up and not until this evening did they go back down.

Linda got some free time to go shopping (she loves to browse through thrift stores and look for the nuggets that can be found sometimes). She came home and then we fixed dinner. After dinner we say down to watch a movie - - Flight of the Navigator - -  We had not seen it in quite a while, and the girls had never seen it. We talked about when Jason first saw it (I think he was about 6, or close to Stacy's age right now) and how he and his brothers all loved to watch it. I was just excited to find it in Jason's collection. After the movie the girls went to bed, and I think we might go to bed a little earlier also. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. What a blessing that Jason could go to the gym by himself! Ever going forward! And so funny...was just thinking about Flight of the Navigator yesterday. Sarah Jessic Parker was on Sesame Street and I was thinking that the first thing I'd seen her in was Flight of the Navigator. Really liked that movie!
    Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
    Revelation 7:16-17 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.


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