24 June 2011 - Minor Update

Okay, I have heard back from a few of you who want me to include more pictures, and a suggestion of Picasa was made, so here is the new link. The caveat is that I am not doing much editing of the pictures, so that means I'm being lazy. Whatever pictures I have on the camera, will be posted. Now, once Linda gets back and gets involved again there will be deletions made (she's more particular than I am).

Jason went in a little later today than usual which means they feel he is getting stronger, and doesn't necessarily need to be the first one in. This is both good news and not so good. The good news is that they feel he is stronger and can tolerate the delay. The not so good is that he has to tolerate the delay. I sat with him this morning and didn't have anything to eat either, just so he would have someone to be with during the wait (Bridgette had to take care of the girls and a couple of other errands). Anyway, the pictures are posted, so let me know if this is more in line with what you want to see.

A follow up post to come later tonight


  1. Thank you for letting know about the CBS News report and we are happy that you are looking towards the future.
    Robyn & Steve M.


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