June 30, 2011 - End of June

Jason came back from the PACU today feeling pretty good, and for a couple of hours he felt like he was doing okay. Then, after a couple of hours he started to feel chilled, and asked me for some folded up sheets to cover himself. He didn't want a blanket because they tend to be too heavy. This went on for about 90 minutes and then he started feel better again, and did so for the rest of the day. Not sure what happened, or why his body decided to regulate itself a little differently today, but I was glad it corrected itself. Actually, by the end of the day he was eating ice cream.

A couple of his Marine buddies came by, and a few visits from his family (mostly me), and then a special visit from General James Cartwright, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was a nice visit, and I even got a couple of pictures this time, thought I think I left the camera in Jason's room, so I'll have to do the down load tomorrow. I guess that since Jason is getting so many visitors, of hire rank, that he has become totally comfortable with them and is able to have a conversation without stammering out of nervousness. He still observes a high level of respect for them, but it is a much more natural conversation.

About the nicest bit of news from today was that he would not be going back in to the PACU tomorrow, and he was getting a day off. He might now have to go back in until Sunday, but we'll take that one step at a time. He was pretty happy to hear that he would be getting a "day off" and then I reminded him that since he would be getting a day without the PACU he might get some extra work from the PT folks. He said he expected that, and he was happy none-the-less.

Thank you, for the prayers and support, it has shown a level of love and kindness that can only come from a collection of hearts working together, moving the hand of God.


  1. Good to hear, Jason, that you get a few days off!! So glad you are healing well and getting stronger. Keep it up!!!

  2. The hand of God moving a collection of hearts - Jason, so glad that your chills subsided! You are so inspiring. I'm glad the "big brass" are coming to visit you. I wrote Mr. and Mrs. Obama asking them to come visit you, guess they are a little busy lately :) Check out Axis Dance Company on the web, inspiring. Have a good day tomorrow! Prayers continuing, Karen & Rob Weaver

  3. George and Linda,

    Thanks for posting, I am constantly amazed by Jason's progress and great spirits!

    I took my dad up to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield, I told him about Jason, and he was humbled and impressed.



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