June 5, 2011 - Good day to practice with a banjo

From Jason's perspective, today was very much like yesterday, though he did get a chance to sing Happy Birthday to his brother David; and Jim C. came by again and this time gave Jason a new banjo (see picture). When Jason left for this deployment he had taken a banjo with him and had intended to get some time in, to learn how to play. because of the way in which he left Afghanistan all his personal belongings were left behind and they are now somewhere in transit or storage somewhere. Some of his stuff did make it back, and Bridgette was able to go through some of it, and alas it did not include his banjo. Jim is an accomplished musician (and banjo player) and feels that music is a useful tool in the recovery, and I agree with him. Jason still doesn't really have the full strength he needs to play, but can get started just moving his hands and fingers, and this will help build their strength. As soon as he is ready for a recital though, I'll let everyone know...;-)

Bridgette and the girls are still dealing with some sort of "bug" and didn't get a chance to come over to be with Jason today. In fact, just as I was getting ready to put this post she called me to ask if one of us could come over and stay with Stacy while she took Jackie to the ER, so Grandma (Linda) is there now. I suspect that Linda will get to bed sometime around 2:00am, and that means I will probably be up until then too. (Late update: Jackie is okay, just needs to take some medicine to get back to her normal loveable self)

Jason goes in to the O.R. first thing in the morning, so I am guessing that he won't be up for any visitors (including family) until around noon. This is probably a good thing with all the other stuff that is going on right now. If he is feeling up for a ride in his chair tomorrow the doctor said he should be able to go for one, though I am guessing it will be Tuesday before he can. Other wise, his progress continues in a positive direction, and we're looking forward to maybe being able to plan on moving to his next level of recovery soon.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers, and please include all his family and especially Bridgette and his girls. We want them to get better as soon as possible.


  1. Jason hope to see you strumming soon. Monica hopes you can start working on beating her levels on PSP! Glad you have all your girls around and Mom and Dad to help. Always sending prayers and hugs your way! Karen W.


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