24 June 2011 - More of an Update

Okay, Jason went in to the O.R. today, and they did some general clean up and a gentle scrub of the wound areas and then put the bandages back on. That means the wound vacs are not back yet. I haven't spoken to the doctors about this yet, so I don't know if this is a good thing or not, and I will do my best to find out as soon as I can. Otherwise he has had a pretty good day.

I did receive a visit from a Lt. Col. and Capt. who were both Marines. The Captain was from the Intelligence group, with in the Marines, and he was talking a bit to Jason about possibly coming into that area, if he wants to stay in the Marines. Jason said he was more interested in staying with E.O.D. and that was pretty much the end of that discussion. The Lt. Col., on the other hand, is from E.O.D. and I think he was happy to hear that Jason would like to stay with the E.O.D. team. They seem to have a very tight "brotherhood" and they work very hard to support each other. The Lt. Col. stayed for a much longer period of time than the Capt. and it was very enjoyable talking with him.

Because of the timing of the procedure, Bridgette brought some Chinese food for Jason to enjoy, and he did. We all (Stacy and Jackie, too) with Jason until late tonight and then when he seemed like he was getting tired. Tomorrow he has another procedure, though this time it isn't in the O.R., so he should be back in his room earlier than he was today.

Thank you, to all for the continued prayers, I really believe it is helping Jason and the rest of us to get through all this.


  1. Wonderful photos of all!!! I am so happy to read of the continued improvement of you, Jason. I would love to hear sometime what you learned on the banjo. It was sure nice to see that your previous Pastor came to visit. Darling kids!!!

  2. Nice hair cut, Jason. Lookin' like a marine again. I bet that feels great! Stay strong, cousin. Every day is a new day with new opportunity.


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