June 4, 2011 - Saturday

Today is one of those days where I could probably get away without making an entry into the blog, as it was a restful day for Jason and not much happened. It started with a visit from Mom and Dad this morning, then we went over to watch the girls so Bridgette could come and be with Jason. Then we came back a bit later, with the girls, Stacy wanted to see Daddy, so that all of us were in the room for a short while. Bridgette took the girls back to the Fisher House to feed them dinner and we had pizza with Jason (he actually did the ordering on-line and it was delivered to the hospital, pretty cool). After we ate the pizza we went back over to the Fisher House, and stayed with the girls so Bridgette could go back and spend a little more time with Jason, and say, "Good Night."

The only thing that happened was one of his wound vacs began acting up and caused him a little discomfort, and some simple adjustments fixed that. So, other than a couple of pad changes and readjustments of his position in the bed he pretty much was left alone. It was the kind of day that I was hoping for, and I hope he has a few more... though tomorrow he talked about getting out in his chair, if he feels comfortable enough.

Thank you, all for your prayers and for keeping us in your thoughts and your hearts. God Bless you all...


  1. LOVE the pic of the banjo & Jason! I pray that music will help you to heal and give you joy, tho I confess my bias regarding the healing power of music. ;) Is there a music therapist on staff?? Prayers and best wishes to you from Livermore, Jennifer Geiger, Music Therapist, Board Certified.


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