June 29, 2011 - A bit of a challenge

Jason had a good day today, even though his brother David had to leave and head back home to Los Angeles. It was good to have David here for a few days, and I could really tell that Jason was happy about it. It brought a little tear to my eyes when David said his good-byes and he grabbed Jason's hand. Then Jason just reached reached over and kind of pulled David down to give him a big hug. I wished I'd had the camera ready, but honestly I didn't see it coming - it was beautiful.

The PT folks came by and worked with Jason, but because of his level of discomfort it was decided to simply work on his arms and shoulders, and not have him roll today. He will have the opportunity to do that tomorrow. By late evening you could see a marked improvement in Jason's ability to focus and be alert. It is one of those things that I know is going to continue to happen, and it is simply a reflection of how long he has been taking the medications. He has to get stronger doses and as a result it takes a little longer to get back to a "normal" level of his mental abilities.

Linda (a.k.a. Mom) will be coming back tomorrow, so I'll have some help with the girls, and it will just be good to see her again. Otherwise, not much else to report for today. Jason continues to get mail, and he still has quite a few letters and cards to read through. Every time he does get into the mail he is amaze at how many people have sent him cards and things, and he doesn't even know who they are. I think it humbles him a bit, and that isn't a bad thing... ;-)

Thank you, for your continued prayers and support. The past couple of days I needed them.


  1. It's inspiring to see such a loving family support Jason while he is recovering. God's blessings to everyone.

    The Mona's

  2. Jason - Glad to hear of your continued progress. Your strength and courage is truly inspiring to me. Take care Sgt. Ross, I wish for you a peaceful night!

    Marine Mom


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