June 10, 2011 - No end yet...

Jason went into the O.R. again today, and when he came out there were a number of good signs with his wounds. However, there were a couple of not so good signs, and that is the challenge. Right now they are saying that at best, we have another three weeks here, and that would take us right up to July. Of course being able to finally get healed up here in three weeks would be pretty good, I just hope the end doesn't move out too much further. I know Jason is getting anxious to move on to his next steps, and to just get out of this hospital. I hope everyone understands that Jason really does like just about everyone here, and that the medical staff and support folks have been good, he just needs a change of location, at least for a few weeks.

Otherwise, today was a pretty good day. We found out that Tim, one of the guys who was a patient here several weeks ago, was going to be coming back for some additional surgery. He and Jason hit it off pretty good when they were both here before so it will be a nice change for Jason to see him again. Tim is over at Walter Reed, much farther along with his rehab than Jason. Tim's injuries are a bit different than Jason's and right now require another surgery, so he has to be here in order to get it done. I suspect that on Tim's 2nd or 3rd day here the two of them will be "cruz'n" the halls in their chairs. They pretty much have the same chair, though Jason doesn't quite have the skill level that Tim has achieved, yet.

Another change is Jason's bed in general. Jason now has a trapeze so that he can begin lifting himself up. He still doesn't have the strength to pick himself up very high, but he can move himself some, and with a bit of work (a few weeks?) he should be able to get into his chair nearly on his own. That is something that I believe he is looking forward to - I know I am.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers of support and your thoughts and keeping us in your hearts. There are still many others who are still in harms way that also need your prayers, so please do remember them as well.


  1. Jason,

    You are using a trapeze? Wow. It seems like you were just trying to get those fingers working not too long ago, so this is quite some progress. Even if it helps you readjust just a bit, that has got to feel good. Congrats! The pace of your improvement is picking up. I look forward to hearing about your next accomplishments.

    Aunt Joyce


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