June 25, 2011 - Continuance of a quite week

Jason has had a quiet and restful day. Not too many visitors, though there were a few. He had his dressings changed down at the PACU and came back to his room by early afternoon. Bridgette had gone down to Five Guys, to pick up some food and a nice hamburger was waiting for him, when he came in. The girls stayed with me so that Bridgette could make the trip a little more quickly and easily.

Over the past couple of weeks there seems to be a continuing problem with the wi-fi on the 5E wing, where Jason is staying. I finally brought in my laptop with my AT&T network card and was able to get Jason back on to the web. He did some surfing around, and looked at a few things, then decided what he really wanted to do was to look at the pictures I had on my laptop (I will be posting a few more of them, probably tomorrow). He was happy with how they came out, and was actually having a good laugh at some of the takes that, well, weren't very complimentary. You know, the ones where you catch someone in the middle of a blink or yawn. I was glad he enjoyed them, as it was good to see him laugh again.

He will be going in to the O.R. tomorrow, instead of just the PACU. Originally we were told that he was simply getting a wash out tomorrow, when late in the day the doctor came by and said he would be going to the O.R. He also might be getting some new skin grafts, so he will be uncomfortable again for a couple of days, and they will be putting the wound vacs back on him. Of course this is all subject to change once he is in surgery and the doctors have another look at his wounds. Sometimes he surprises them, and they have less to do than they thought.

Thanks, for the prayers, and the continued support - it is really appreciated.


  1. George,

    Thanks for posting the pictures, I got a good laugh out of the post-haircut pictures, now he looks more like a Mah Reen.

    Jason and Bridgette have the same smile, which is awesome.

    Here is hoping for more quiet days, and then a trip to California.



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