June 22, 2011 - A good day

Jason had a good day today, and it appears that they have made the adjustment needed for him to better control his pain. My hat is off to the doctors who have to deal with this conundrum of pain control, for the wounded warriors. The patient comes in with a type of wound that requires a certain amount of medication to control the pain. Then as time passes, that patient's body starts to build a tolerance to that medication, and so they have to adjust; and, over time they continue to adjust, sometimes up sometimes down, until the patient no longer needs the medication. All the while their goal is to maintain a comfort level for the patient, so that he can heal. These doctors have been working with Jason for about 3 1/2 months and for the most part have been able to hit their target. To them I say, "Thank you."

Jason will be going in for another bandage change tomorrow morning, though there is no specific schedule. I'm not going to say Jason "likes" the idea of not having a set schedule, or time, but he does understand and, he is actually grateful for the fact that he is well enough that he can be flexible. "Let the other guys go, since they need it more." is what I have heard Jason say, so I am happy with that.

Bridgette spent a good part of the day with Jason, and even went out and got some food for him (yeah, it was Taco Bell). She went and got the girls this evening so they all could spend some time together, and despite the circumstances it was still good family time.

There still is no set date for Jason to be leaving NNMC (National Naval Medical Center), and that is okay because he is continuing to make progress. Some days the progress is better than others, and that is a good thing, because it is still steady progress. My intent is to remain here with Jason, until he is ready to move on; and, as soon as he is ready to do that I will be taking a short break, to take care of some of the things I've been letting slide.

Thank you, for your continued prayers, and for keeping Jason and the family in your hearts.


  1. So glad that there is continued progress - good news.

  2. Jason, glad you could spend time with your family today. It felt good to hug your mom today! I know she will miss being with you. Monica and I were glad to catch up with her. Keep up the good work. I know it is difficult. Hugs and prayers, Karen W.


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