June 8, 2011 -

Today, Jason had a Lt. General come in and visit with him, and that was well received. He came in and visited with both Jason and Bridgette (and Linda and I) for a few minutes, and I think the conversation was good for everyone. It dawned on me that these people who have high levels of responsibility still make the time to come out and visit with our troops, while they are healing, and when they need it most. It gives them a greater sense that what they did was for a real reason and cause, and that the sacrifices they have made will ultimately help others. And these high ranking folks are very busy, yet when they come to visit you don't see it. Their focus is on the individual. This has been the case with all the visitors Jason has had.

A bit later in the day there were other visitors to see Jason. Three of his buddies, he has met sense being here, who have gone on to rehab and are now coming back to show the wounded warriors that there is still life after the initial healing begins. Obviously they are further along than Jason, in their recovery, and as it is, not all recover at the same pace. They were all kind of goofy and silly like guys get, and if it wasn't for their own injuries you couldn't tell, by just listening, that anything had happened to any of them. Two of them were double amputees and one was a single. We got some pictures, and we will have to process them as soon as we can.

There was also a visit from the VA people, who will be setting things up for Jason's next steps to recovery. He is looking to go to Tampa, FL for his poly-trauma site. This is where the focus will be on building up his strength, so that he can begin working on his amputation rehab, where he will learn to be able to get around and survive in any environment that he might find himself in. The amount of effort required for this is such that the doctors recognize the need for him to get the needed strength, before beginning this treatment, and thus the need for the poly trauma first.

Please continue to pray for these warriors, and for their families, and thank you for all you have done.


  1. I couldn't be more excited that Jason could be coming to Tampa. That's right in my backyard. So, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I can't wait!



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