June 17, 2011 - A different kind of day

Jason had somewhat of a different day today. It started off with another procedure, and that wasn't unusual. They brought him back up to his room afterwards, and that wasn't unusual. The medical staff got him all settled and brought in his meds, and that wasn't unusual. The unusual began with how they brought the bed back into the room. Because of the size of his bed, and then with the trapeze on it, there really isn't a bunch of room to get around the end, though all have been doing it. You know, kind of stepping side ways and scooting through (Okay, some of us have more of a challenge doing it than others, but I can get through). Well, today the nurse said to put the bed at more of an angle and that magically corrected the problem. On top of that Jason could now view his TV more easily and not have to look over the bar of the trapeze. It was a win-win all around. Kudos to the nurse and medical staff!

Then, Jason and Bridgette got to spend pretty much most of the day together, without Mom and Dad being there, too much. We came over in the morning after he was back in his room, and left shortly after that; then back again for a short visit in the afternoon. During the time Bridgette and Jason had together they were able to sort through 12 boxes of DVDs, CDs and Books that were sent to Jason, and by golly they were able to get through all of them. I was totally amazed. It was probably the most fun Jason has had in several days, and I think it was fun for Bridgette too.

Okay, so you're wondering what happened to Mom and Dad. We decided to go and take a tour (a ghost tour) of Gettysburg, PA. The Yellow Ribbon Fund (one of those groups who is really helping out the families of the wounded warriors) brought together a bunch of volunteers so that we, the families, could go do something away from the hospital. It truly was a different kind of day. It began with the Klein family opening up their home and property to a bunch of strangers, so that they could first relax and eat a nice meal before going to Gettysburg. Navy Casualty informed us and then coordinated getting all the wounded warrior families together, so we could go. It was great fun and walking around with all that history was my kind of event, even if we didn't see any ghosts.

Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers, and I know I have asked you to pray for all the other warriors and service members. I'd also like to take this blog post to ask you to pray for all those volunteers who go way out of their way to make life a little more "normal" for the families dealing with the pressures of being in the hospital with their warrior.


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January 2017
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