June 7, 2011

I have to say that Jason had a good day today, though he was totally dissatisfied with the hospital food service. There was no breakfast brought, nor was there a lunch delivered. Other arrangements were done to insure he had some food for those meals. Thank goodness for the U.S.O. as they brought in some steaks at lunch, with all the fixens, because that became his lunch. His dinner, however, did come - though, it wasn't what he ordered (they give the patients a limited menu and ask them to select what they would like to eat), so as with the first two meals today, dinner was pulled together with other food that was available. He is getting anxious to leave the hospital, knowing that even though he will be "leaving" he will be simply headed to another hospital. At least it will be a change, and perhaps he will feel as though it is more refreshing.

All his vital signs are registering at more normal numbers lately, and everyone is happy about that. I am hoping to get him out on the chair tomorrow, and maybe even a little bit of banjo practice, to help get his hands moving more. I know the recreational therapist is anxious to see him doing more with his fingers, and the occupational therapist is anxious to see him doing more with his hands and arms, and the physical therapist is just happy to see him get out on his chair more. All of the activity is good for him, but we need to be careful that he doesn't wear himself down too quickly, as he is still healing up.

He did have a couple of visitors from Third Battalion, Eighth Marines, and from what we were told we can expect more. They have pretty much all come back from Afghanistan now and they want to come and see how Jason is doing. Aside from really needing a hair cut, Jason looks pretty good, and I think it does the guys who come to visit as much good for them as it does for Jason.

Thank you, all again, and please continue to pray for Jason. He isn't through with the healing process yet, and we still need the strength to get to the next level.


  1. What the heck is going on with the kitchen and food service there? I'm not surprised it isn't tasty but I am surprised that meals didn't show up and what did was incorrect!! I hope tomorrow is a better day and some good chow is available. I also hope Jason is cheering for the Giants? We lost tonight but play tomorrow afternoon. Prayers coming for continued healing. Karen & Rob Weaver

  2. Hey Jason, It sounds like the kitchen staff was "out to lunch" all day. Bummer. Glad you've got a banjo, I'll be looking forward to hearing you play when you get to Livermore. Music is good for the spirit and it sounds like it's good for your healing process, too. Maybe I'll take some of my own advice and start practicing my guitar again, now that school is out for the summer. Keep on getting well. You and all the family continue to be in my prayers. Raymie

  3. Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be one of those hot and muggy days in Maryland so if you get a chance to get out you will be glad to get back into the AC. Sounds like your skin grafts are going great. Another big step in your recovery. Jason I wish you well today and hope you you have a great day tomorrow.

    Thank-you for serving with your brothers in the Marines!

    2/1 Marine Mom


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