June 14, 2011 - An update

Jason went in to the O.R. today, and when he got back to his room he was without any wound vacs. Unfortunately I was not able to speak with any of the doctors, after the surgery, so I don't know if this is a temporary thing or if he is finally through with them. I was over with him early this morning, and got to talk with a few of the doctors, but none of them would give a solid answer when asked about the status of the wound vacs, they would say that he MIGHT be able to get rid of them today. I also know that the doctors are very busy right now, as a few new cases arrived late last week and the doctors need to apply all their immediate focus on those guys, until they are truly stable. Much like it was with Jason, after he arrived here. Anyway, I'll do my best to catch up with the doctors tomorrow, and see what I can find out.

Like I said, I came over early to go to the PACU with him (that's where they take all the patients prior to surgery - unless they are from the ICU) and then after that, Linda and I did something different. We went into Washington, D.C. and did a bit of sight seeing. We went to see the Holocaust museum at the Smithsonian, and spent a good part of the day there. We didn't get through the entire museum, and decided that we need to go back, when we can, to finish. Bridgette was also able to go into Washington, with her dad and Stacy, and did a little sight seeing of their own. Linda and I got back to Jason a little while before Bridgette, and once she arrived we took off to go get dinner - yep, you guessed it - Taco Bell. Jason wanted his grilled crunch wraps, and frankly I was okay with that, since Taco Bell is easy. When we came back with the food we all sat down and had our Taco Bell dinner. Funny thing is, I made sure we had Jason's food, but didn't bother to check the rest of the food, and when we started to eat we ended up with more food than we ordered. Nice to have it work in our favor for a change. After dinner we left to come back to the Lodge, and now I'm writing this blog... hows that for real time?

The banjo guy, Jim C. came by to see Jason and spend a little time with him today also. The sad part of this is that Jim is headed back home, and today was the last visit he will have with Jason, and his last banjo instruction. Jason really appreciated the time Jim was giving him, as did the rest of us. You could see it in Jason's face, when he was just plucking the strings, that he was having a good time. I hope that some day we again get to cross paths with Jim, I know Jason would like it. I also wish success to Jim in whatever he does in the future, he is truly one of those good people you never forget.

That about does it for today - so, Thank you, all. You are keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, and it is very much appreciated. Say a special prayer for Jim too.


  1. Hi All, sounds like a really great day :) We had what felt like the official first day of summer today here in Livermore. It was 91 degrees according to the outside thermometer. No one is used to this that is for sure. Hopefully we'll get some more great days ahead. Too bad Jim had to leave. Jason, you can look on you-tube for simple banjo lessons and watch. That way when you see Jim again you can play him a song :) You can stop and start the lessons and do them at your own pace. I found lesson for crocheting and they were helpful to be able to start and stop. Congratulations on the wound vac removal!! I bet it's good news, keep us posted. We're just watching the Giants game and relaxing, so I'll sign off now. Have a great day tomorrow!! Keeping all in prayer, Karen & Rob Weaver P.S. Think we'll buy some Taco Bell stock :)


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