June 9, 2011 - Beginning of the 4th month

Wow! I had no idea that we would be staying here this long, and still the time has gone by so very fast. It actually snowed the end of the first week here, and now we have 100+ degree weather, with high humidity. I have seen that the weather back home has been much more reasonable, and yet I know that just as soon as we get back home it is going to be HOT. But enough about the weather - this blog is supposed to be about Jason and how he is doing.

It was a pretty good day for Jason. He had some visitors, a Sargent-Major came by and a Major General, both from the Marines. It is always good to see the Marines coming in and spending time with Jason. It brings his spirits up, and it is always good to talk with someone who has a common point of reference, so that you can just talk and not have to explain everything all the way through the conversation. Then a little later in the day he got into his chair and we (Bridgette and I) went with him as he toured about the floor. He even took the time to go see Cody Waller, and other guys, as they were making their way through their own recoveries. I know it did me good to see him giving the encouragement, rather than always receiving it, and I think it did him some good too.

Jason will be going into the O.R. tomorrow morning, and he is first case, so we are hoping that things don't change and he will be back to his room relatively early. The only reason he would be late is if there was a need to do more work on the grafts, or they find a troubled spot. This could actually be his last trip to the O.R., while he is here at Bethesda, and that would be a good thing, but it is not likely.

Well, that's about it for today, so again I close with a thank you, to all of you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. It is so very much appreciated, and it is working.


  1. Hi Jason, The weather is gorgeous this week here in Livermore. And, today was the last day of school. Monica going into her Senior year! Natalee a Sophomore. I am sure you remember them when they were babies! We have read about Cody Waller in the local paper and glad you have someone close from home to visit with. We read every day to see your progress and send prayers and hugs for you and your family.Karen W

  2. Hi Jason, You have come SO FAR. Congratulations. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that this is the last operation there, wouldn't that be great. I bet the new patients are inspired by you and comforted also. You have so much to give so good luck tomorrow and have a good weekend. Keep strong and know you are in our prayers. We'll put Cody on our prayer list now.

    Go Giants!
    All our best, Karen & Rob Weaver

  3. Hi Jason,
    I am glad you are out and about giving encouragement to others. The weather here has been very nice, but the wind comes up in the evening and cools things down a tad. I have to be careful because of all the pollen in the air. That, plus the wind, exacerbates my asthma. I didn't go to the graduation at Livermore High tonight because of it. I am sorry to have missed Skyler Jones graduation, but it couldn't be helped. I truly hope that you are at the end of your operations and that the skin grafts heal nicely so you can go on to the next step in your recovery. Keeping you in my thoughts, peace. Bill Buchanan


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